2k Lied, These Are The REAL NBA Player Ratings

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2k Lied, These Are The REAL NBA Player Ratings

KOT4Q Mese fa
editor kenny forgot something in the video, this why i need to hire a professional.
Xiyea Official
Xiyea Official Mese fa
Kenny, Can you please do the same thing but on NBA mobile? We could really use some help on 2K Mobile Community.
CapalotLocks Mese fa
Aye Kenny the intangibles rating actually is there ability to play multiple positions on the court
Italianmarcus10 Mese fa
i will gladly work for you for free!
Gabriel J
Gabriel J Mese fa
You're correct about the intangibles rating in 2k Kenny. That's how our MyCareer players can reach to a 99 OVR, but if you made your same build with all the same attributes in "Create a player/myLeague" your 99 OVR myCareer would be like an 87 OVR
JN11 Mese fa
Someone explain to me why Tristan Thompson has a higher mid range than KPJ and KPJ has a higher dunk than TT. It should be the other way around
Pineapplez4dayz 11 ore fa
Kenny is spitting some fax
PS2 Gamer
PS2 Gamer 14 giorni fa
DATSBUllCrAPMaN 23 giorni fa
No. Do the video, take breaks. That way we can catch Ronnie in a line. Hell do it for a few hours and we can call them out. With proof.
LakerFan287 27 giorni fa
It's no theory, Intangibles and badges raises the player ratings it's just like WWE 2K. This is why I want the badge system out because it makes it easier for someone with them over without. 2K14 was and has been the greatest in current-gen because of the lack of simplicity.
Farmerjohn 28 giorni fa
I always believed that intangible meant the accuracy of the player reaching their potential rating. Sounds smart?
KillerT29 Mese fa
I think lowering it all the way down to 25 is actually making them worse I think if it was an average it might show actual ratings
Alex Linke
Alex Linke Mese fa
Nice job with the video Kenny you are an absolute legend of the 2K community
Owen Brown
Owen Brown Mese fa
rebuild w real ratings?
Eli Cox
Eli Cox Mese fa
So true
Aiden Thomas
Aiden Thomas Mese fa
I wonder if the base cards for all nba players in myteam are the roster ratings with 25 intangibles
Xiyea Official
Xiyea Official Mese fa
Talk about Overalls, In NBA mobile, we have 88 OVR Dwight Howard for 4 years. Just download NBA 2k20 mobile, and just look at those stupid overalls.
ViewsOfPhoenix Mese fa
Link to the chart that was showing percentages from each spot on floor??
Aiden Meyer
Aiden Meyer Mese fa
Intangible is just to adjust overalls without changing stats i think
Zach Kissinger
Zach Kissinger Mese fa
Idk about in 2k Kenny, but in real life, intangibles in basketball is someone‘s overall smarts on a basketball court. It is also a player’s ability to know where to be on the court to provide proper spacing. Basically awareness but I’m sure 2k does use this as an overall booster but I do think that it needs to be a rating.
Chandler Russell
Chandler Russell Mese fa
I got a refund for this game the day I got it. Thank you Steam!
Chandler Russell
Chandler Russell Mese fa
Anytime I start a MyLeague I always edit intangibles to 50 beforehand, and then edit ratings from there
VerticalSwagXx HD
VerticalSwagXx HD Mese fa
2k needs a betta
Nick Simonian
Nick Simonian Mese fa
Why does giannis and brook have the same 3pt rating??
BC Splitz
BC Splitz Mese fa
I was mad when Donovan got an 88 after he went crazy in the playoffs
Fun Rush 617
Fun Rush 617 Mese fa
Day 20 of asking Kenny to do the "KD/Jeff Green Sonics Challenge". Rules: -put the Sonics in the NBA through expansion. -Trade for KD and Jeff Green(since they're the last 2 Sonics players in the NBA) -Both should start and play at least 30 minutes per game -Trade away the rest of the team and fill out the roster with 12-13 auto-generated players(you can choose) -Rebuild the team. You can trade the auto generated players but KD and Jeff Green must stay on the roster for the entire challenge. -You can't let them retire either until you win a ring. -Good Luck Kenny!🍀 PLS. LIKE SO THE GOAT🐐 CAN SEE. (P.S. I'M A BULLS FAN TOO CAUSE OF D-ROSE)
Skybound Mese fa
Aha so RJs rating is!...... still 75
Molleke Mese fa
Brook Lopez’s 3pt is the same as giannis. If they fix n like abt this it’s literally at 8:20
Thomaszar Mese fa
Great video Kenny as always. This video deserves so many views because a huge amount of people must watch it. Keep up the good work!
Ryan Sowa
Ryan Sowa Mese fa
The Intangible thing is what they do to Myteam. Make a galaxy opal card that has high intangible tonmake it look good but really there will be lesser tier cards that have better ratings in stuff that matters.
Aninny Mouse
Aninny Mouse Mese fa
This is something I notice a TON in MyTeam. Cards are a 93 Overall Diamond and their stats are MUCH lower which is really annoying.
Kenneth Martin
Kenneth Martin Mese fa
i am the globgogabgolab
Rose Howard
Rose Howard Mese fa
"3:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out hug0.monster It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
John Hines
John Hines Mese fa
Bro I love your content
Henry de Bono
Henry de Bono Mese fa
ive been fixing rosters for years finally someone realises how lazy these devs are thanks kenny
Yandapanda Mese fa
if you actually grade ben simmons game its only like an 84 but hes better than that so the intangible is used to make him actually go up to the actual kind of player he is. and for marcus smart he has good defense,shooting can dunk and has decent playmaking but he isn't like an 86 which is what he wld be with a good intangible
wrthur54 Mese fa
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell Mese fa
Giannis and Lopez got the same 3 😂😂😂
thetrib1 Mese fa
giannis 3 pt also the same as brook lopez in 2k right now?? 2k wildin.
The real Mvp
The real Mvp Mese fa
Them boys really got Westbrook at 88...I know people hated him but damn 88? He’s at least a 91
BlackkMambahh Mese fa
Kenny the Goat on and off Myleague! Taking over for Smoove as the ambassador of 2K
JD Mese fa
"Giannis has a higher mid range as Kawhi." For some reason that was just really funny to me. As if it was told as a joke but then the joke is it's actually so.
Pavement Mese fa
That’s exactly what it is. I made 2 Embiid’s and left one with a 95 intangible and lowered the other’s to 25 and he dropped from a 91 to an 87
Dy L
Dy L Mese fa
Leader !
meina46 Mese fa
"3:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out hug0.monster It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Matías Muniz
Matías Muniz Mese fa
If you have the intangibles at 25, the rating would be, in most cases, the same as the ratings in MyTeam. For example, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, CJ, etc...
A K Mese fa
NOW after game 7 for sure Giannis has a better mod range than Kawhi😂😂
Jordan Hosler
Jordan Hosler Mese fa
Gotta look at dejounte Murray’s 3pt rating and 3pt tendency.....💀
Uikkiu Mese fa
are we not gonna talk about kenny's shirt
OGv6 Mese fa
Basically what I got from this video is that I should wait for a price drop on the game.
SanFranFan30 Mese fa
2K and EA are both ass
Mickey Hansen
Mickey Hansen Mese fa
I think you are correct about intangible. What intangibles does, and I have actually proven this while playing, is it affects takeover when you play. That's the only noticeable difference. Those while a very high intangible rating have a longer takeover when you play. Otherwise there is literally no difference. And there is no difference when you sim the game.
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard Mese fa
Kenny is the best My leaguer we need to get Kenny to 1 Mil before 2k21
Q12 beatz inc
Q12 beatz inc Mese fa
Everyone is Great challenge: Make everyone a 99 ovr and see all the new faces that win awards or who is the best in the league, no rebuilding .
Max Rado
Max Rado Mese fa
Felecio challenge, you can go in and change ten of his ratings to your liking and he has to be your best player on a championship team.
karina kombargi
karina kombargi Mese fa
Could you Maybe put some memes In Your vidéos
Brandon4Bulletz Mese fa
If you played 2k17 myTeam, you been knowing about intangibles. It was usually the first stat I looked at when going over a player's stats.
Darling Boy
Darling Boy Mese fa
25 intangible still means that the intangible rating factors in the rating. So their ovr is is probably slightly less than their ovr intangible ratings didn't exist.
Manas Batchu
Manas Batchu Mese fa
bron has a 51 block rating in 2k20 bruh
C.k Beast
C.k Beast Mese fa
Coby white should be a 85
Conor Sheehan
Conor Sheehan Mese fa
Day 79 of asking Kenny to do the “Out of Place Challenge” (I know he has done one similar but this one is still different) Rules: Turn off the trade deadline and Fantasy Draft your team. Make trades prior to the start of the season until you have a team you like. Create a wheel of all positions and spin it for each player in your rotation, then make whatever the wheel lands on that players position. Simulate 30 games. After 30 games make whatever trades to help better your team if needed, spin the wheel for the new players acquired to see what position they get. Simulate until there’s 1 game left in the season. Make anymore trades to help your team in the playoffs, then spin the wheel again to change their position. Play until you win a championship, Good Luck!
ToxiccTae Mese fa
Day 2 of Asking Kenny to do the “Foreign Isn’t Boring “ challenge: -Fantasy Draft -Can Only Keep 1 U.S born player -Rest of the team must be foreign -Can only have 1 92+ player -Only allowed to make 20 trades total -Win a Ring I Know U See This King 👑, Stop Running
Ben Nudelman
Ben Nudelman Mese fa
They don't even pretend to respect the MyLeague community
Antuan Lewis
Antuan Lewis Mese fa
It’s a reason all of your my players have a 99 built in intangible rating. Boom or bust isn’t a thing idiots it’s literally players progressing or not it’s in every damn 2k
Michael Fussell
Michael Fussell Mese fa
Jon isaacs intangibles are already at 25 😢
Ethan Ashton
Ethan Ashton Mese fa
Literally in mycareer giannis be greening fade away midrange shots and pull ups
Erik Hobart
Erik Hobart Mese fa
the lou will deaaron one was real
mikemillz28 Mese fa
"3:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out hug0.monster It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
legofan1799 Mese fa
My League's about (re)building a team tho, MyTeam's about truly building a team which is why it's the best game mode
Ånthony Çhiåppe
Ånthony Çhiåppe Mese fa
Bro he’s not gonna get a logo because 2k is butthurt lol
M R Mese fa
yes brother it begins with the medium between the 2k community and the 2k devs through videos like these! thank you again! i hope this proves worthy other than youtube compensation! @2ksports
kaleb A.
kaleb A. Mese fa
Pj Tucker doesn’t shoot 10 3’s a game so understood but CS bronze for someone who shoots over 60% from the corner😳🤦🏾‍♂️
kaleb A.
kaleb A. Mese fa
First of all why does Giannis have an 84 mid range😳 and kawhi who literally specializes in mid range scoring not have at least higher than 87 mid
cullen Mese fa
I don't think that this is the case because point guards are still being rated on block, offensive rebound, post moves and standing dunk which decreases there rating even though that doesn't change how good a point guard is on a scale from 1-99
Karson Koester
Karson Koester Mese fa
Lopez also has the same 3 pt attribute as Giannis at 73
Constructive Criticism
Constructive Criticism Mese fa
You should see what happens when you put Robert Covington’s offensive consistency at 99
Beginning of Amaris
Beginning of Amaris Mese fa
Are we gonna ignore how giannis has a 84 mid buh ah 74 pfade🤦🏽‍♂️ when Giannis makes most of his jumpers off ah fades
Tortoise Mese fa
Day 11 of asking Kenny to do the biggest nightmare challenge: Rules: 1. Randomly select two teams. You must put the five highest rated players in 2k on the same team ( using trade override). This team will have a starting five of lebron, harden, Kawhi, Giannis, and AD. The remaining part of this team will be Lucas Carroll’s. 2. No untouchables. Turn off salary cap. In the fantasy draft, draft players for the second team. Lower trade difficulty to 25. 3. Do build team B into a SUPERTEAM. Your sole goal of this challenge is to defeat team A in the finals at least once in three years. Good luck Kenny! Stop hiding and start grinding!
SwaggyBOP Productions
SwaggyBOP Productions Mese fa
@ New Whats Poppin Freestyle. Check it out! 🔥
SwaggyBOP Productions
SwaggyBOP Productions Mese fa
@ New Whats Poppin Freestyle. Check it out! 🔥
SwaggyBOP Productions
SwaggyBOP Productions Mese fa
@ New Whats Poppin Freestyle. Check it out! 🔥
shangrila117 Mese fa
It'd be pretty easy to prove them wrong. Get a disk version (so, either console) and install the game offline. They can't hotfix what they shipped on the disk.
Susanne Barnes
Susanne Barnes Mese fa
Kenny Hardaway
TheAlexMalla Mese fa
SGA Had a 0 shot tendency
zhawin Mese fa
Give kenny the job, 2k.
Leonardo Rosato
Leonardo Rosato Mese fa
I bet that what they do is they make the attributes so that the players perform like they do irl so Giannis wouldn’t average 25+ without a good mid range
Leonardo Rosato
Leonardo Rosato Mese fa
I agree Mikal isn’t better D than Westbrook
Joseph Jimenez
Joseph Jimenez Mese fa
This guy capped said pj tucker isn’t one of the best corner three specialists HE IS LITERALLY THE MOST EFFICIENT IN THE CORNER
Crazyjedi2 Mese fa
The intangibles thing is actually genius by 2k lmao. The only thing I don’t understand is why would they leave it as a visible and tweak able stat in game. They could’ve just hidden the stat all together so you couldn’t see it but it still affected to players overall.
Oliver Dennis
Oliver Dennis Mese fa
I know the videos saying summin different but Coby White is over rated as summin.
The Blazing Blaziken
The Blazing Blaziken Mese fa
11:16 is the exact post i read
The Blazing Blaziken
The Blazing Blaziken Mese fa
Intangibles are a filler stat
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos Mese fa
this not the best video to say this but kenny can be a sports analyst. i see it happening soon
Justin Marfino
Justin Marfino Mese fa
Hey Kenny have a question hope you respond. So in your opinion do you think all this time nba live might have been giving us a more true rating of the players over 2k. Bc I know I always gave live shit for having bad ratings and thought 2k was better. But maybe live staff has been doing better homework then 2k would love to a comparison video maybe. Let me know your thoughts
Rider KantanaS
Rider KantanaS Mese fa
Nice shirt
Mitchell Demoise
Mitchell Demoise Mese fa
Boo he trash
Jaden Morgan
Jaden Morgan Mese fa
There's also a bench warmer that has a higher 3pt than dame
Arshiya Azmi
Arshiya Azmi Mese fa
Abdoulie Sallah
Abdoulie Sallah Mese fa
put luka and the claw on knicks but dont trade mitchell robinson
Jake Robins
Jake Robins Mese fa
For some reason at least in Myteam a bunch of the players base cards have completely stupid coaching style fits. For instance Klay is equally as good of a fit for a perimeter centric system as Westbrook at just a good fit. Obv I shouldn’t need to say Klay should be like the best perimeter centric fit in the game...also Russ shouldn’t fit at all
z DuKeMaN z
z DuKeMaN z Mese fa
Challenge: 76ers rebuild 1: You have to trade Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid 2: must keep Tobias Harris and Al Horford
Shoah Niloh
Shoah Niloh Mese fa
At least it’s not madden franchise
Adan Cortez
Adan Cortez Mese fa
Kenny look at the tweet I tagged you in involving Rudy Gobert before and during the bubble. Please😫
Sbozzi Mese fa
You should do experiments testing the impact of tendencies and other attributes like offense and defense consistency. Also u can test value of badges in simulation etc.
TripleDub Podcast
TripleDub Podcast Mese fa
Do a OKC thunder realistic rebuild
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