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Abraham Bueno
Abraham Bueno 8 ore fa
I gave a like. I don't want any problems... please...
Huzaifah Khan
Huzaifah Khan 21 ora fa
Day 19 of asking Kenny to do the fx challenge. Rules: fantasy draft,u must have at least 1 finals mvp, and rest of team much have made the finals at least once, for starting lineup each player much have a championship
Huzaifah Khan
Huzaifah Khan 21 ora fa
And the player much be a champion or a finals appearance it has to be in real life not in 2k sim
Huzaifah Khan
Huzaifah Khan 21 ora fa
Deadline of winning championship is 3 years
Moortada Beshir
Moortada Beshir 4 giorni fa
did any one else look at how many points his kings were dropping per game compared to the other teams.
Oscar Irving
Oscar Irving 4 giorni fa
Do the 0-82 to 82-0 challenge
AGame youtube
AGame youtube 6 giorni fa
10:22 Kenny traded back for Clint Capela
Shannon Bryant
Shannon Bryant 6 giorni fa
This man be moving so fucking fast I barely see the transactions he be making 🤣
Kuwsh15 7 giorni fa
Every player is gonna get a ring
Nick Peach
Nick Peach 7 giorni fa
Who’s been here since he’s was at 50k?
StoicW _
StoicW _ 7 giorni fa
Threat convincing, im liking it bro
FuZe God
FuZe God 8 giorni fa
Why do you go in to simcast then back out why dont you just press simulate game instead of being a fucking weirdo is it a glitch that makes you win youre games
Faiz F1icks
Faiz F1icks 8 giorni fa
We not gonna talk about 11:51
My name Is name
My name Is name 9 giorni fa
From feneser to fenesé
Void Formal
Void Formal 9 giorni fa
Day 68 of asking Kenny to do the NBA draft challenge you must start in the offseason and load in the 2020 rookies you must then end up with the top three picks and take the three best players in the draft you can trade 2 of them but one has to start for your team this is a 2-year challenge and you must win a championship you have 1 year to make trades and everything and the 2nd year you must win a championship P.S. Turn off-trade deadline
Lil GG Army
Lil GG Army 9 giorni fa
I want da smoke 💨 catch this 👊🏽
Quinton J
Quinton J 9 giorni fa
They got rid of every one but coach of the year
town51077 9 giorni fa
Day one of asking kenny to rebuild worst team In the NBA and turn them into a championship team In one years
ONZSZN 10 giorni fa
Ben Simmons a nice cheap pick up and you can turn him to SF. Goes from 88 to 93
Daniel 10 giorni fa
You should have to play 5 games after the CPU trade before you can make ur own trade..
Theo Lewis
Theo Lewis 10 giorni fa
Best vid of the year!!
Big Dog69
Big Dog69 10 giorni fa
Hey Kenny you getting one of the new consoles. I’m snagging me a ps5 not no Xbox series x because you can’t use any of you old Xbox one games for it and I have the Xbox one x
Zgaming 458
Zgaming 458 10 giorni fa
The one thing I to see my favorite player-De’aaron Fox-be the starting PG in a KOT4Q rebuild!
houston rockets
houston rockets 10 giorni fa
Day 6 of asking Kenny to do the flipping assets challenge: 1. Fantasy Draft 2. You draft your team but what ever team you land on you can’t draft people from that team (E.G. if you get the Rockets you can’t draft any players from the rockets) 3. Have to flip all players on the roster. Can’t trade for players that have played on the selected team. Hard Mode: Turn trade difficulty up to 75. Can’t trade for players that have played for the selected team in the past. Keep up the great videos
Victor Bonner
Victor Bonner 10 giorni fa
I 😘❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💖🐱‍👤🐱‍👤
Gabe Jcobs
Gabe Jcobs 11 giorni fa
The hardest challenge for kot4q is try not to win a championship
WiseM2 11 giorni fa
Day one of asking to rebuilding wizards
Darwin Waterson
Darwin Waterson 11 giorni fa
LNU did this but yeah
Gavin Audette
Gavin Audette 11 giorni fa
12:27 def not cosmetic lol. That is makeup. I think you meant COSMIC. Nonetheless, Kenny you never have teams with Jayson Tatum. Show my guy some love!
Chris Duffy
Chris Duffy 11 giorni fa
I can’t believe Kenny almost at one mil 🙏🏼 been rockin with this man forever before 100 k This is the only channel I can say I watched this person grow and grow much love Kenny keep grinding
Riley Taylor12
Riley Taylor12 11 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the “10 game dynasty challenge” Rules: make MyLeague as easy as can be. Turn off salary cap, no untouchables, sim difficulty at 25, trade difficulty at 0, and give yourself the fixed 1st pick in a fantasy draft. Rebuild. If you lose 10 games the video ends. Like so Kenny can see!
Jacoby Lachapelle-Jacobs
Jacoby Lachapelle-Jacobs 11 giorni fa
Take whatever player you want and put him in on the worst team in the east or the west you pick and then randomly trade every other player and sim a season then try to rebuild that team
RTricky 11 giorni fa
Challenge: The Omegle team Challenge You have to go onto Omegle and ask for a current player. The person will answer you and you have to try and trade for that player. Make sure to turn untouchables off just incase. Finish when you get 13 players. Rules: Fantasy draft You have to go with the person that they say Have to get 70+ wins for the challenge to be successful Be Safe!
Isaiah Prom
Isaiah Prom 11 giorni fa
Do the Ben Simmons timberwolves rebuild soon. It could happen
Braydon Miles
Braydon Miles 11 giorni fa
Ou i want problems
Keldon Axhorn
Keldon Axhorn 11 giorni fa
Whoa, whoa calm down Jamal don’t pull out the nine
Nikos Kenurios
Nikos Kenurios 11 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the „only First“ Rebuilding Challenge: Rules: 1. You have to do a Fantasy-Draft. 2. You can only accept the first trade in the Trade offer. 3. You can‘t create your own Trade. 4. Win a chip! Good luck! Greetings from switzerland🇨🇭
RichDaGamer 11 giorni fa
I Have A Challenge Called The All Star Challenge 1. You Must Have All Players On Ur Team 80+ Overalls (Including Bench) 2.Must Play One Game Of The Season 3. Must Win 3 Championships In A Row 4. One Guy On Ur Team Must Win MVP 3 Times In A Row Like So He Can See
Kenyon Kelly
Kenyon Kelly 11 giorni fa
I use Simcast Live sometimes
Matthew T
Matthew T 11 giorni fa
Wow, I don’t remember the last time I heard CSB’s name. I remember his fascination with Boban and Zhou Qi lmao. What a throwback
LegalDemon 11 giorni fa
Do a rebuild where you have to start Danny green markief morris and Kyle kuzma
DcLaflamaBlanca 11 giorni fa
When I lay down at night I watch the team I build play in sim cast live lol. May sound lame asf but it’s lowkey lit
barrysgrant_ 11 giorni fa
Need people for myleague online. My psn is vybzbytheway_ dm me
Brodie Fitzgerald
Brodie Fitzgerald 11 giorni fa
Do a rebuild with ever nba player in there prime
Kidgoat_17 ___
Kidgoat_17 ___ 11 giorni fa
It’s funny how bam stayed the whole time😂
Mario Perez
Mario Perez 11 giorni fa
KOT4Q why dont you try a rebuild where you have to trade with every team in the league at least 1 and win a chamionship in 3 years
Nicholas Cutler
Nicholas Cutler 11 giorni fa
I use SimCast Live to skip the opening videos and pregame stuff. You can also jump into Simcast Live right before halftime to skip those videos too. Makes playing full games much faster. PS I feel like I've never seen you use it so in case you didn't know, if you hold down left trigger you can jump up numbers faster when negotiating contracts and the like.
Erik ROBERTSSON 11 giorni fa
trade for demar more
Alexis Hector
Alexis Hector 11 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do my quiz called can you name every 6th man on each nba team from the last 10 years very difficult ... i know your not a betting man but this quiz is very difficult so if you don’t score over an 90 you throw me a follow on Twitter good luck don’t run 😁 my Twitter @ is @lexthegreatest1
Jhamie James Arceo
Jhamie James Arceo 11 giorni fa
Do a Only Champions Rebuild: -Trade or sign players with rings -Win a chip
william edmisten
william edmisten 11 giorni fa
Do the defensive challenge Build the best defensive team you can under these circumstances -every guard n sf that plays impactful min must average 1.5 steals in real life -every pf/c that plays impactful min must average at least a 0.5 steals and 1.5 blocks in real life -must have atleast 2 players that’s won a dpoty trophy starting ing playing atleast 20 min -win a dpoty award with a player on your team -everyone that plays ov 20 min must avg a steal a game so Choose players wisely -cannot have a player on your team that averages over 20 a game or won mvp in real life - win the chip 🏆
Jack Petty
Jack Petty 11 giorni fa
ayo where did the comments go
Corey Coleman
Corey Coleman 11 giorni fa
Do the no free agency and no salary cap challenge Rules: Turn off salary cap, but here’s the catch you cannot sign any players in free agency so if a super team is formed by the cpu you can only trade and use the draft to make a better team and win a championship. If you want to make it even harder try to 3 peat, good luck
Leo Finley
Leo Finley 11 giorni fa
Hello Roco
Robert Covington
Robert Covington 11 giorni fa
Leo Finley oh me Sowwy didn’t mean to make u angy
Leo Finley
Leo Finley 11 giorni fa
Robert Covington that’s D Rose to you pal 😡
Robert Covington
Robert Covington 11 giorni fa
Hey Leo
Brady Wuertz
Brady Wuertz 11 giorni fa
You should do a challenge declining every trade same rules you had in this video
Robert 11 giorni fa
But 2k left Coach of the Year wording in. Makes sense but seems non-linear with the other awards.
Shoak 11 giorni fa
Kenny do the rags to riches challenge You have to pick the worst player in the draft and try to get him into the hall of fame the player has to be an 18 year old. You have to put injures on Every win you get in the regular season you divide it by 2 then upgrade his stats that many times that equals to. Every time you move on in the playoffs you can give him a badge example if he has bronze clamps you can upgrade it to sliver and so on or you can give him a bronze badge You have 12 years to do the challenge Thx
Mitchell Gough
Mitchell Gough 11 giorni fa
this is it
Exotic_Rush 11 giorni fa
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 11 giorni fa
Petition for Kenny to drop the 58 game video
Jake Rosenbaum
Jake Rosenbaum 11 giorni fa
yo kenny can u bring back the sporcle vids.
Leonard Minnis
Leonard Minnis 11 giorni fa
Wheel of consequences‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Ev0308 11 giorni fa
The Easiest Rebuild Challenge You can pick the any team you want (any nba2k game you want) and try to go 82-0 Also any settings you want
Gunnar Schram
Gunnar Schram 11 giorni fa
The “Act your age” challenge: Fantasy draft Rebuild a team straight up. BUT whoever your trade for has to play their age in minutes. Ex. Zion plays 19, Vince carter plays 42.
Zeilz 10 giorni fa
Gunnar Schram Thanks so much! Ill credit you in the video, will go up on my channel this week if you want to watch.Im new to the whole video making thing but imma try!
Gunnar Schram
Gunnar Schram 10 giorni fa
Zeilz go for it! Feel free to change or add anything.
Zeilz 11 giorni fa
Yo that is a fire idea🔥 Mind if I maybe use that for a video if I give you credit?
Reilly J Sullivan
Reilly J Sullivan 11 giorni fa
I love the Fantasy Drafts but can you do a few other rebuilds with the regular roster?
Reilly J Sullivan
Reilly J Sullivan 11 giorni fa
Congrats on your award Kenny. Saw that on the stream, you mentioned it.
Swag 02050
Swag 02050 11 giorni fa
Day 7 of asking Kenny to do the Underdog Challenge 1. Only allowed to have second-round or undrafted players on the roster 2. Must win a championship within first 3 seasons, but can’t be a top 4 team in their conference 3. Fantasy Draft
Bodhi Cc.
Bodhi Cc. 11 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Give Roco a Chance Challenge” Rules: 1. Fantasy Draft 2. Your First Round Pick has to be Roco 3. Give Roco the Max Amount of Minutes 4. End the Video Once Roco Scores 20 PPG Have Fun :)
Hypern Insulator
Hypern Insulator 11 giorni fa
12:41 that's a pretty good team ngl
Antonio Montesano
Antonio Montesano 11 giorni fa
Who else noticed the 155-69 win against the spurs u can see it at 10:47
Brooks Torma
Brooks Torma 11 giorni fa
Thug Kenny lolol. My mans said we gon have some real life problems!! Keep doing you kenny! Love the vids!
TH22 11 giorni fa
Demar is one of my favourite players it’d be cool to see you trade for him in more vids
The juicer
The juicer 11 giorni fa
Left a like, I don’t want that smoke👌
LilDrummerBoy 11 giorni fa
U should do the no progression challenge: turn progression down to zero and regression down to zero and see how long people stay in the nba
MJB TV 11 giorni fa
When I saw that you randomly selected my Kings I was so happy
Randy Ellis
Randy Ellis 12 giorni fa
the eight overall challenge rules. fantasy draft keep players 2k listed position one three team trade to start off only 79 Overall or under enjoy must get three peat or fail it will be a long video which we love 😎😎😎😎
esingh 12 giorni fa
Do this video again
Noah Aveline
Noah Aveline 12 giorni fa
Kenny got me during recover with surgery love him for that
Rachel Rechnitz
Rachel Rechnitz 12 giorni fa
I wonder when he is doing the room tour
The Deener
The Deener 12 giorni fa
Bruh I love when he threatens cuz that mic sounds so good and it’s just funny
%gg100 zj
%gg100 zj 12 giorni fa
Get him to 1 mil by March or we gon have some real problems
StepSisJa 12 giorni fa
Kenny i play in my league and i would sim cast live until i get subbed in
Baconmemeguy 12 giorni fa
“The Superstar Challenge” Rules: Your Point Guard has to break at least one record before you get him and one record after you get him. (etc. Stephen Curry) Your shooting guard has to be over a 95 overall (etc. James Harden) Your small forward has to make the playoffs at least 5+ times (etc. Kevin Durant) Your power forward has to at least played with a 85+ point guard in his career (etc. Nikola Jokic) Your center has to be a starter on a finals team (Bam Adabayo) If you fail any of these players you have to start over! Please like this so Kenny can see!
Sam Williams
Sam Williams 12 giorni fa
Like so Kenny can see. Do a rebuild but Lou dort has to be your 1st scoring option and starting
# LEGEND 12 giorni fa
The random sliders challenge : Randomize the important sliders. trade difficulty, sim difficulty, etc. : must win back to back
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 12 giorni fa
I was hoping on the last day of the year he could’ve used all the firsts and one of the stars to try and go for an untouchable player
Kool-Aid Man
Kool-Aid Man 12 giorni fa
Kenny, they did fix the titles of the Awards at the end of the season
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety 12 giorni fa
In MyLeague I use simcast live to watch and see how my team plays in different systems.
JESSE C 12 giorni fa
I was in the middle of talking with my mom when you threatened ne to like
GQ Captain Cake
GQ Captain Cake 12 giorni fa
I don’t want no real life problems with Kenny
RedEastWood 12 giorni fa
You’ve done this video about 100 times
Zach Carlson
Zach Carlson 12 giorni fa
day 1 of asking Kenny for the old man rebuild -oldest players at each of the starting 5 -put injuries at 70 -trade difficulty at 75 -win a championship
Jason bunny lxrd
Jason bunny lxrd 12 giorni fa
Calm down I will like the video Kenny don’t pull out the 9
Aiden Meyer
Aiden Meyer 12 giorni fa
12:46 ty jerome is ur PG? Cut it out . . . Oh. 🤣
Luke Mohn
Luke Mohn 12 giorni fa
Ayo Kenny you should do this challenge but with Team Chemistry on until you win
Elias Gutierrez
Elias Gutierrez 12 giorni fa
Here is the "Random Challenge" Rules -Randomly select 5 teams -Fantasy Draft -Use a random number generator that will select which of the 5 teams you will use -Get every player on your team and put them in trade finder than a random number generator -You have to rebuild your new team but may not get any players that you had before -Use the same simulating rules as you normally use (like injuries off ext.) -Win a chip in 3 years -Good Luck!
Y&A NBA 12 giorni fa
Day 23 of asking Kenny to do the "50-40-90 club" challenge -Fantasy Draft -Turn Off Untouchable Players (No Untouchable Players) -Have 3 or More Players be in the 50-40-90 club on your team in the same season -Win the Championship in that same season -Bonus= Get RoCo and make him play at least 25 minutes per game -Can be a one year challenge or multiple years (you can choose) Like so the GOAT can see
lil jushy
lil jushy 12 giorni fa
I love demar he is one of my favorite players you should definitely use him more
Nick Victoria
Nick Victoria 12 giorni fa
Shout out the CSB
The Saucer
The Saucer 12 giorni fa
Like so Kenny can bring back MyCareer
Will Thompson
Will Thompson 12 giorni fa
Can you threaten me a little harder next time, wasn't feelin it.
Kobe4evr 12 giorni fa
ive made it a point to only like the video when he threatens me :)
Carl Brave - Glicine
visualizzazioni 42K
Dear Detroit Pistons, Hire Me As Your Next GM
Carl Brave - Glicine
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SLOT ONLINE - Bonus Hunt🎯 alle Slot Microgaming🎰
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