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Kenny C
Kenny C Giorno fa
I recently became a subscriber and I am here for the 2k content. Amazing videos and we have the same name ✊🏽
Andrew Gibson
Andrew Gibson Giorno fa
finals mvp should be added to this challenge just to be the cherry on top
Jackson Gao
Jackson Gao Giorno fa
almost 1mili
Jack VandeYacht
Jack VandeYacht 2 giorni fa
We need a Big Art Sim
Breylon Collier
Breylon Collier 2 giorni fa
Kenny really the goat 🐐 he won a championship with out trying 😂
Avery Dauer
Avery Dauer 2 giorni fa
I miss mushroom Kenny
Travis Takamori
Travis Takamori 2 giorni fa
Actually if you think about it, by you not winning Coach of the Year in your 2nd year, you were able to win bonus awards (Finals MVP AND NBA Champs!!!) So not only did you go 6/6, but you went 8/6!!!
Noah Dorsey
Noah Dorsey 2 giorni fa
Kenny: We can have Paul George come off the bench and play 48 minutes a game.
Travis Takamori
Travis Takamori 2 giorni fa
Did anyone else look at the video length when Kenny mention that he won’t leave until he finishes?
Sean Daly
Sean Daly 2 giorni fa
How much harder would this be if he added Finals MVP?
Jeremy Baumann
Jeremy Baumann 2 giorni fa
All-Stars only challenge: Fantasy Draft: Your starting 5 must consist of a Slam Dunk Champ, 3 point champion, Taco Bell Skills Challenge Champion, Rising star participant and an NBA All star. NO REPEATS. Meaning Steph Curry can only count for a 3 point champion or a Taco Bell Skills winner. The rest of the rotation must have participated in All Star Weekend. Harder Challenge: Put the events on a wheel and let the wheel decide which competition your bench is coming from. Video ends when you win a championship.
boogzmontana 2 giorni fa
I wanna see a Big Art career sim lol
Logical Gaming
Logical Gaming 2 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking for a Dwyane Samuels Career Sim.
Ben Baum
Ben Baum 2 giorni fa
"I'm not gonna cheat and get Dylan Windler as my ROTY" *also Kenny: Trades Duncan Robinson for Dylan Windler
97jimmy97 2 giorni fa
you look a bit like Jimmy Buckets this vid lol
PlatnumAce 3 giorni fa
Anyone else thought he was gonna for, every award in ONE SEASON. What is this bro this is easy wtf Kenny
DeDe44 3 giorni fa
Jonathan Isaac always wins dpoy after 1 or 2 years in my league for me, maybe that's the pattern
Noah 21190704146928080506
Noah 21190704146928080506 3 giorni fa
Algo rythm
pingu m8
pingu m8 3 giorni fa
Kenny is literally the only reason why I watch ITpost. I appreciate you so much man been here since 200k subs keen for you to hit the 1 mill
xXSebastian_MatuteXx 3 giorni fa
Finals MVP: Am i a joke to you?
Soapy's Thoughts
Soapy's Thoughts 3 giorni fa
Why is your image huge in this video?
BwB Slime
BwB Slime 3 giorni fa
I like how he got rookie of the year and said he didn’t want it
Maurice Ie
Maurice Ie 3 giorni fa
warriors rebuild blow a 3 1 lead win 3 championships
Alex H
Alex H 3 giorni fa
Jusef Nurkic is a MyLeague king. That is why it is so easy to get things for him.
Gabriel And Thomas
Gabriel And Thomas 3 giorni fa
I have been here since 2k13 my career
Floris Mulder
Floris Mulder 3 giorni fa
Goat ken ken
Gordon Pawinski
Gordon Pawinski 3 giorni fa
Naruto rebuilding Challenge Naruto- Phoenix Suns player because he wears orange Sakura- Disliked or hated player around the league Saskue- Possesses a Sharingan, above 80 overall playmaker Tsunade- Above 80 overall strength Minato- Above 80 overall speed Jiraya- Veteran, must be over 30 years old Boruto- Son of a former NBA player Madara- Overpowered, above 90 overall Formulate the rest of the team the way you wish
Thomas Morgan
Thomas Morgan 3 giorni fa
Forgetting about the finals mvp
Phillip Edwards
Phillip Edwards 3 giorni fa
Bad Boys are back challenge: Take the Pistons make them the best defensive team in the league. Win 2 championships back to back. 4 years to do it
Game of Groans-Bad NBA jokes
Game of Groans-Bad NBA jokes 3 giorni fa
Sivasli Ninho
Sivasli Ninho 3 giorni fa
Kenny, I love ya man
Michael Koutsangelis
Michael Koutsangelis 3 giorni fa
Spotty4010 3 giorni fa
Bradley university hype 🔥
NicknameS 3 giorni fa
I wish giaanis went to Philly in real life
Energize 3 giorni fa
And we back
James Boone
James Boone 3 giorni fa
Lucky that Kenny did simulate the playoffs because otherwise he would have failed by not winning finals MVP.
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 3 giorni fa
Day 10 of Challenge for Kenny- Name: The Allstar Challenge Challenge: Your team can only consist of past all-stars. It doesn’t matter the rating just only allstars. Goal: 70+ win season, and back2back championships
Mike Ock
Mike Ock 3 giorni fa
This has nothing to do with the video but if Giannis does sign with the heat and they have good chemistry together heat are gonna be unstoppable
The Saucer
The Saucer 3 giorni fa
Day 6 like so Kenny can bring back MyCareer
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo 4 giorni fa
when boom or bust didnt work kenny: 2k IS LYING when it happens.. kenny: he is only 27y.o 2k, why did his ovr go down? 😅😅
Alphadogg Adrian
Alphadogg Adrian 4 giorni fa
The draft challenge get all draft picks in a draft
Steve from Undertale
Steve from Undertale 4 giorni fa
Everyone here is commenting challenges and I just wanted to say Hi Kenny seems like people don’t comment that much
Tara Howard
Tara Howard 4 giorni fa
Keep up the good work kenny
Tara Howard
Tara Howard 4 giorni fa
Diet Spider-Man
Diet Spider-Man 4 giorni fa
Kenny Toney Bradley wins most improved player a lot in rebuilds
Scott Kuptana
Scott Kuptana 4 giorni fa
Fun fact: I was the one who requested this challenge in 2k20
Shaun London
Shaun London 4 giorni fa
Day 13 of asking: the Dylan Windler rebuild Rules 1: fantasy draft 2: can’t change players to prime positions 3: must select/trade for Dylan Windler 4: Dylan must play 35 minutes 5: Dylan must be number 1 scoring option 6: win a chip HOF MODE: must have Felicio and play him for 15 minutes a game
SalimDeGoatLy Goat
SalimDeGoatLy Goat 4 giorni fa
Get KOT4Q to a mil by 2021!!!
Benj 4 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Winners Win” rebuilding challenge Rules: -Select the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers (Because they have the most rings) -Fantasy Draft -Every Player in your rotation must have won a championship -At least one player on your team must have won a finals MVP - Win a ring Like so Kenny can see! Stop hiding Goat I know you see this 🐐
Simon The Goat
Simon The Goat 4 giorni fa
Day 10 of asking Kenny to do the “no intangibles rebuild” Rules - Fantasy draft - Turn every players intangibles rating to zero - Try to win a championship Like so Kenny can see
ZAC 4 giorni fa
The Harry Potter Rebuilding Challenge Rules: Harry Potter-The Boy Who Lived: Must get someone who came back from a major injury Ron Weasley: Great protector, must get someone who averaged at least 2 blocks per game Hermione Granger: The brightest witch of her age, must get someone with an IQ of at least 90 Hagrid: he's a half-giant, must get someone who is over 7 feet tall Dobby: Everyone likes Dobby, must get someone who is a fan favorite George Weasley: Jokester, must get someone who is a meme around the channel Fred Weasley: Twins with George, must get someone who has a brother in the NBA Albus Dumbledore: 150 give or take a few, must get someone who is at least 37 years old Arthur Weasley: Dad of 7, must get someone who has a son/daughter Peter Pettigrew: Can turn into a rat, must get a short king someone under 6 feet tall Neville Longbottom: Starts as a coward ends as a hero, must get someone who was in the top 3 in MIP voting
Nate The Great 28
Nate The Great 28 4 giorni fa
Dear Kenny, I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE YOU WILL FAIL THIS CHALLENGE Day 27 of asking Kenny to do the “In Order Challenge” Rules: -Fantasy draft -10 man rotation -PG has to wear the #1 in real life, SG has to wear the #2 in real life, SF has to wear #3 in real life, PF has to wear #4 in real life, C has to wear #5 in real life, 6th man has to wear #6 in real life, 7th man has to wear #7 in real life, 8th man has to wear #8 in real life, 9th man has to wear #9 in real life, and the 10th man has to wear #10 in real life -Win at least 58 games -Win the championship
Jack Block
Jack Block 4 giorni fa
kenny be like we have an allstar starting 5 including Danuel House whos a 75 20:42
Fn96 Infinity
Fn96 Infinity 4 giorni fa
C4D3 4 giorni fa
Kenny. Nurkic dropped 3 because of 2k’s boom or bust system. I do a lot of on long year rebuilds and honestly the boom or bust system is noticeable and really good
Boqueefeus 4 giorni fa
He knew this was his chance cuz of Dylan windler
Nate Hance
Nate Hance 4 giorni fa
The door is shut just saw 20 seconds in
Henry Kunkel
Henry Kunkel 4 giorni fa
This man is one of the best things in my life, he is an inspiration and brings a smile 😃 on my face ever video
TJRISK 4 giorni fa
Kenny I challenge you to debuild the best team in the NBA
Unknown Artist
Unknown Artist 4 giorni fa
This is the DC Universe!! Here are the requirements -Fantasy Draft you'll will have 10 superheroes for you're team: Superman- Superman is known to fly! This player will need to have a 30+ vertical Flash-Flash is the fastest man alive, This player will need to have a 90+ ovr speed Batman- Batman has killed Superman and brought him back to life, This player has left a team and went back to that team(ex. LeBron James) Nightwing- Batmans son, this players father is in the nba(ex.Curry) Mas and menos- The sibling duo! This is a 2 in 1 these players need to be brothers Lex Luthor- One of the greatest villains, This player has had to be one of the most hated players in the Nba(ex. LeBron, Danny Green, Kd ect.) Wonder Woman-In J.L she's the third person, This players has to be a tjird option Cyborg-Half man, half robot and always upgrading, this players need have won MIP Starfire- Starfire is from a different planet, this player cannot be from the U.S Thank for the people who liked and have a good day:)
Luther 4 giorni fa
I double subscribed I don't know why I don't see Kenny's videos in my feed
Mike Gildon
Mike Gildon 4 giorni fa
The generic rebuild challenge Sim 10 years into the future with generic draft classes take over the team with the worst record and rebuild with only generic players. Also adjust tendencies to make player skills since 2k is just lazy
Evan Sanders
Evan Sanders 4 giorni fa
When that it said that center was from Syracuse I said FINALLY ANOTHER GOOD NBA PLAYER FROM SYRACUSE!
1K Subscribers Challenge
1K Subscribers Challenge 4 giorni fa
Who else thinks KOTQ4 is the best GM in the history of the world 👇
Tony Gillette
Tony Gillette 4 giorni fa
Video 5 of asking Kenny to do an All Star only Challenge . The Rules Are that you have to rebuild of team with only current or former all stars
Ronan P
Ronan P 4 giorni fa
Day 4 of asking for Kenny to do the “States” Challenge: You put all the states on a wheel and spin 15 times to get 15 states, which represent each of these types of players. After picking a random team and having a fantasy draft, you must trade for them. 1. Alaska: It’s the biggest state and it’s very cold. You must have a player who has “ice in their veins” (they must have gold clutch shooter) and 7+ feet tall. 2. Illinois: It’s Kenny’s home state, and it’s home to The Windy City. This player must be a KOT4Q fan favorite, and to shoot through all that wind you need at least an 85 three pointer. 3. New York: It’s known for its traffic, and recently hasn’t been known for doing well in NBA basketball. This player must have over 88 passing to be able to go through all that traffic, and must have never made the playoffs. 4. Delaware: It’s considered the oldest state and is also one of the smallest. This player must be 36 or older and shorter than 6’ 3”. 5. California: A very warm state that catches fire a lot. This has to be a player who has the “Warm Weather Fan” badge and gold “Tireless Shooter”. 6. Virginia: It contains the capital and is known for its history. This must be a player seen as a leader and have been on 4+ different teams. 7. Colorado: It is known has the highest state elevation wise in the U.S.A and invented the first Chipotle. This player must have gold downhill and weigh over 270 pounds (from all that chipotle.) 8. Massachusetts: It is notoriously good at sports and it is famous for the term “wicked”. This player must have won at least 2 championships and known for being disliked. 9. Ohio: It has an abnormal flag and is the creator of Superman. This player must have gold “Worm” just like Dennis Rodman an abnormal player, they also must have at least 93 strength to match up to Superman. 10. Maryland: Maryland is home to Baltimore, which is known for being one of the least safe places in the U.S.A. This player must have been arrested. 11. Rhode Island: Rhode Island’s official name is “State of Rhode Island”, this is the longest of any state. This player’s last name must be at least 12 letters. 12. Florida: Home of the NBA Bubble. This player must have been part of the bubble and born in Florida. 13. Hawaii: The last state admitted into the U.S.A. This player must be a rookie. 14. New Jersey: This state is considered the smartest state (in terms of college degrees) in the United States. This player must have at least 87 help defense iq. 15. North Carolina: The home of George Floyd (R.I.P). This player must have done something for the Black Lives Matter movement. 16. Pennsylvania: This became a state in December, 1787, and prides itself on independence. This player must have a birthday in December and have the “Extremely Confident” badge. 17. Georgia: The state reptile of Georgia is the gopher tortoise and is in the Eastern Time Zone. This player must have less than 35 speed and must be from the Eastern Conference. 18. Connecticut: Connecticut is the nutmeg state. To perform a nutmeg in basketball you must have pretty good handles, this player must have at least 90 ball handle. 19. South Carolina: Its state gemstone is amethyst and its population is 5 Million. Amethyst is the birthstone for February, this player must have been born in February and have been in the league for 5 years. 20. New Hampshire: New Hampshire has the first ever free library. This player must have a contract below 10 million dollars. 21. Vermont: Vermont is known for its corn mazes and health. This player must have 90+ pass perception and never been seriously injured. 22. Kentucky: The first baseball bat was made in Kentucky the “Louisville Slugger”. This player must have played another sport other than basketball in high school or college. 23. Tennessee: Tennessee had the first ever female state senator and its state bird is the mocking bird. This player must have been a member of the Washington Wizards (the first team with a female president) at some point, and they must be a trash talker. 24. Louisiana: Louisiana is home to New Orleans which is known for its jazz. This player must have played for the Utah Jazz. 25. Indiana: Indiana was the hone of Larry Bird and the have the second largest automotive industry. This player must have played for the Boston Celtics and have gold “Moving Truck”. 26. Mississippi: This states capital is Jackson which is after Andrew Jackson and is famous for its catfish. This player must have a signature shoe and have gold trapper (something you do when catching fish.) 27. Alabama: It’s a felony in Alabama to wrestle a bear. This player must have gold intimidator and the must have gone to Alabama State. 28. Maine: 90% of the country's lobster supply comes from Maine, and Maine is the only state that shares its borders with only one other US state. This player must shoot 90% from free throw, and have only ever been on one team. 29. Missouri: Missouri is known for tornadoes. This player must have had a stormy injury prone career. 30. Arkansas: Arkansas is known for their diamonds. This player must have gold showtime. 31. Michigan: The nickname of Michigan is “The Wolverine State”, and they are home to some of the largest lakes in the U.S.A (The Great Lakes.) This player must have a nickname that is related to an animal and they must be over 6’ 8”. 32. Texas: Everything is bigger in Texas and it is “The Lone Star State”. This player must be over 7’1” and have the Alpha Dog badge. 33. Iowa: Iowa is known for being nicknamed “The Hawkeye State” and it is known for its love of corn. This player must have 90+ pass vision and pass accuracy, and have the friendly badge (friendly people might be known for corny jokes.) 34. Wisconsin: Wisconsin loves its cheese. This player must have yellow in their jersey. 35. Minnesota: The highest point in Minnesota is Eagle Mountain which is about 2,000 feet tall. This player must have the jersey number 2. 36. Oregon: Oregon has the deepest lake in the U.S.A, which is 2000 feet deep. This player must have been born in 2000. 37. Kansas: Kansas is famous for Dodge City and privateer aircraft manufacturing. This player must have 95 speed with ball (to dodge) and 91 driving dunk (to fly like an airplane.) 38. West Virginia: The state animal of West Virginia is the black bear and the state fruit is the golden delicious apple. Lakers colors are black and gold, this player must have played for the Lakers. 39. Nevada: Nevada is famous for Las Vegas and gambling. This player must have gold bail out (a badge with a money bag on it.) 40. Nebraska: Nebraska’s motto is “Equality before the law” and their capital is Lincoln after Abraham Lincoln. This player must have the expressive badge because they feel very strongly about equality, and they must have 90+ block to block out discrimination. 41. North Dakota: North Dakota’s state fruit is the chokeberry. This player must be considered a choke artist. 42. South Dakota: The meaning of South Dakota means allies or friends. This player must have the friendly badge and have won sixth man of the year. 43. Washington: Washington is named after George Washington (the first president.) This player’s name must start with the first letter in the alphabet, “A”. 44. Idaho: The state raptor of Idaho is the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal. This player must be one of the top 3 fastest players in NBA2K. 45. Wyoming: Wyoming is the home to most famous national park in the U.S.A, Yellowstone. This player must be the most famous player from Wyoming. 46. Utah: Utah’s state tree is the Blue Spruce and they are famous for their salt lakes. This player must have had a jersey with blue in it before and they must have lost after having a 3-1 lead (they would be salty.) 47. Oklahoma: This state’s state flower is mistletoe and they are the home to the hall of fame. This player must be married and have a chance of becoming a hall of famer. 48. Montana: Montana’s state animal is the grizzly bear. This player must be known for having a short temper and have at least 92 strength. 49. New Mexico: This name is derived from Mexico. This player must be of Spanish descent. 50. Arizona: This state is known for being extremely hot and for the Grand Canyon. This player must have the “Warm Weather Fan” badge and they must be known for 1 specific stat. 51. P.S. This took really long.
Agent Beamstar
Agent Beamstar 4 giorni fa
Great video Kenny!
Dylan Paul
Dylan Paul 4 giorni fa
Asking kenny to do the “wheel of stats” challenge. Make a wheel of all stats ex: PPG, APG, etc. Whatever stat you land on, you do a random number generator and whatever number you get you have to choose a player that had that stat Ex: land on PPG, get the number 14 you get someone that averaged 14 PPG. Do this enough times to fill out your roster then put the lineup in the game, rebuild, and win a championship.
Agent Beamstar
Agent Beamstar 4 giorni fa
Art Aldridge career sim
Logan Roschival
Logan Roschival 4 giorni fa
You should do the “King” challenge STEPS: 1. Gotta be the cavs 2. Trade for anyone Lebron has played against in the finals 3. Trade for anyone who has played with Lebron but you can’t trade for AD 4. Must have Melo on your team 5. And trade for anyone who currently plays for Lakers rn 6. Win four championships
Gage Schissler
Gage Schissler 4 giorni fa
i like ya new cut g
Noah Stiles
Noah Stiles 4 giorni fa
Bro do them all in one year
Teshawn LeSure
Teshawn LeSure 4 giorni fa
You could’ve traded for Dylan windier and Jontay proter
Dj dagoatgod08
Dj dagoatgod08 4 giorni fa
Im not gon fake my days of asking but can you do a bucks rebuild because no ones care about the bucks
B P 4 giorni fa
This isn’t that bad but 2k put demar derozan 3 point tendency at 0
Bernardo Fernandes
Bernardo Fernandes 4 giorni fa
The hornets actually won a chip
Jamey Strauss
Jamey Strauss 4 giorni fa
we got an all-star starting five *looks you dead in the eyes, seeing into the windows of your soul* INCLUDING DANUEL HOUSE
KingUman30 4 giorni fa
Look at Kenny Man... Such and OG
Cam Baker
Cam Baker 4 giorni fa
Hey Kenny great video as always I wanted to ask if u could do a rebuild of the Rockets in 2k21 I think it’ll be interesting cuz u just talked about it and there’s a lot of different ways to go. I did one and it’d be cool to see how ur is similar/different.
GodlyGamer23 4 giorni fa
How is that guy at Art good and his numbers are insane if our guy average 25 points per game in the NBA and college?
Toxic_2K 4 giorni fa
Kenny got trolled for COTY
Rielly Monaghan
Rielly Monaghan 4 giorni fa
Try to do it in the same year now
Ex0tic Uni
Ex0tic Uni 4 giorni fa
Someone should take a picture of the final roster of Kenny’s rebuilds and he has to guess which video it’s from
Ace_Jarvis69 4 giorni fa
I’m watching every day Kenny
Gal Lahav Goldshmid
Gal Lahav Goldshmid 4 giorni fa
And we back hits different
Joshua Diaz
Joshua Diaz 4 giorni fa
Who down too play my league online
Ben Jacobs
Ben Jacobs 4 giorni fa
Don’t forget finals MVP!
Tristan Power
Tristan Power 4 giorni fa
Kenny deserves to have 1mil
Ethan Chase
Ethan Chase 4 giorni fa
Day one of asking Kenny to the worst shooting challenge Rules- Fantasy draft 2 year rebuild You must have everyone under the league 3pt average made ( .358)and attempts in ( 34.1) . Hard mode - everyone must be under 90 overall and you have to have your best player to be a power forward.
Dylan Riddell
Dylan Riddell 4 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the taking over the league challenge. 1. Do a fantasy draft and take Tyler herro with the first pick. 2. Trade for only players who played college for Kentucky. 3. Win at least 3 championships in a row. Twist- Once you have one the first championship you must sign/ trade for the Kentucky players in the league that have not won a championship,but you can't trade Tyler herro. Ps you also have to start the worst player on the team for at least one season and sign any extra players sitting in free agency to a two way contract so they can win a chip. Good luck kenny
Robert Rush
Robert Rush 4 giorni fa
More kenny craft
Jaden Erhegiamen
Jaden Erhegiamen 4 giorni fa
I might get hate for saying this but I bought NHL 21 last night brotha this game better than NBA 2K21 no cap. But hey what do I know
Sienna Azzinaro
Sienna Azzinaro 4 giorni fa
Kenny's bucket list - Shout out Neighbor Plays and sub (B/c we shouted you out in a few video's) - 1 v 1 LNU in a 2k game - Connect to 2hype and do a challenge with them If this comment get's up to 100 likes, you have to do one of these challenges. We love u bro! Keep up the Great work!
TJ Scully
TJ Scully 4 giorni fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the Around the World Challenge Rules: Fantasy Draft You have to get at least 2 players from every country (not Antarctica) you must win the championship that year. Good Luck!
_ Onfar
_ Onfar 4 giorni fa
I wanna see a kot4q and cliqueproductions gm vs gm video you go into a my league online and go head to head trying to make the best team and whoever wins the finals is the winner
Kylar Perkins
Kylar Perkins 4 giorni fa
Caruso's the goat
David 4 giorni fa
16:13 the pick you traded ended up being the 3rd pick
Jaxon Koroll
Jaxon Koroll 4 giorni fa
Shake it up challenge Normal draft Put all your players on a wheel and every loss you spin the wheel once and you must trade that player with a random trade finder (ask siri)
gavin goebel
gavin goebel 4 giorni fa
It would’ve been impressive if he went 6/6 with the award in the same season cuz I’ve done that before so it’s possible but the way he did it is so easy
Misha Cayemitte
Misha Cayemitte 4 giorni fa
Day One of Asking Kenny to Do the "No Help" Challenge: Rules: Do a fantasy draft and give yourself the number one pick. Draft a star. But with all of your picks after that, you have to draft the WORST player available. Like so the GOAT can see
Chris Duggr
Chris Duggr 4 giorni fa
Hey why is you door closed?
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