Dear Ronnie2k, We're Tired Of Being NEGLECTED...

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Dear Ronnie2k, We're Tired Of Being NEGLECTED...

kaelinthewater 12 giorni fa
DROSE is super underrated
kaelinthewater 12 giorni fa
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli 28 giorni fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
WhoEvenCares Mese fa
The 99 overalls. Here’s a list of the players who were rated 99 overall since the beginning of NBA 2K: Kevin Garnett (2k1, 2k5, 2k6, 2k9) Tim Duncan (2k4, 2k6) Kobe Bryant (2k5, 2k9) Chris Paul (2k9) LeBron James (2k9, 2k14) 5 players in the span of 21 years, but I happen to get 3-4 in my lineup after simulating 5 years?
Aksh Chalasani
Aksh Chalasani Mese fa
We didnt get much in 2k21 but we got a different progression system
Chase Warwick
Chase Warwick Mese fa
I love kenny so much
Luke Goldberg
Luke Goldberg Mese fa
I want stat based overall and progression systems. I will see RJ Hampton still as an 80 overall in his 2nd year averaging 24 points 4 rebounds and 4 assists on good efficiency barely getting better because of his peak start age and potential. Like that stuff should change dependent on play and performance.
Luke Goldberg
Luke Goldberg Mese fa
I asked my friend to try to get his dad on 2K, specifically the 2K social media tab. His dad is Woj.
Jako Jakerz
Jako Jakerz 2 mesi fa
They just dont care Whats the point of fighting for change that will never happen I love 2k but can't play online so the only thing enjoyable is myleague Next year if there's no update 2 myleague I'm just not gonna play 2k anymore Sorry for the long comment
Garret Broome
Garret Broome 2 mesi fa
Bro you are the best 2k ITpostr period. I hope they get rid of micro transactions it would benefit like every game
Eric Shepperd
Eric Shepperd 2 mesi fa
I’m someone who plays the games and doesn’t sim and I find it ridiculous some of the tendencies and like. Had to change guys like Pascals tendency bc in other my leagues he ends up shrinking
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challenge
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Idek man just want my idea that’s all thx for the question!!😄😃😀
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 2 mesi fa
why are you commenting a challenge in a normal vid 🤦‍♂️
K J 2 mesi fa
Even the trading system is trash. They need to allow like a LeBron for Harden trade. Like untouchables shouldn’t be untouchable for another superstar
Scifon Cra
Scifon Cra 2 mesi fa
loved it. Absolutely right 100%
Derek Sutton
Derek Sutton 2 mesi fa
This was spot on. We need an overhaul for MyLeague, and if there is going to be SO MUCH TALKING in MyGM they could cut out the silent conversations and either make it text message based or put voices in there
Gaming with Santi03
Gaming with Santi03 2 mesi fa
2k I know your hiding from our community
Jorel Johal
Jorel Johal 2 mesi fa
Even in NHL 20, there is players that are called Gems. You can draft them in later rounds and they can become superstars.
Carlos Dansby
Carlos Dansby 2 mesi fa
Never heard of you... BUT i just subscribed because everything you said was true.
Clement Williams
Clement Williams 2 mesi fa
just make the tendencies and stats based on real life shot charts and percentages rather than having them put out haphazard guesses
Ye_vitaslizard Clips
Ye_vitaslizard Clips 2 mesi fa
They whole basic menu is to complicated
Maddox Joy
Maddox Joy 2 mesi fa
I think my league is perfect. As a franchise player. Madden 20 Franchise is so bad I’m tricked into thinking my league is the best anything can get. #FixMaddebFranchise first
M. D.
M. D. 2 mesi fa
Hey man if you want your 2nd round pick to be a gem just put him in the G League for a year or two and he'll be like 90ovr which is totally realistic and very sim!
Clunker_Ablaze 2 mesi fa
Tbh be grateful. It’s not ea. It’s not maddens franchise.
Stxyker 2 mesi fa
They should add a “choose your own era” so you can start in whatever season you want
AquaticPath12 Mese fa
Yo that would be lit
Yung Dookie
Yung Dookie 3 mesi fa
God dang Ronald
Vortex Highlights
Vortex Highlights 3 mesi fa
They litterally take myleague as a joke cuz In the Social media when someone gets injured they will say something like “framed for murder of wife by wife” like tf and there is even stupider stuff
Noah M
Noah M 3 mesi fa
I know this is a myleague video, but in mycareer they should bring back the 2k15 content where you can tweet trash talk at players, or try to team up via twitter
Warriors Prod
Warriors Prod 3 mesi fa
Ik I’m late but it’s also so unrealistic that guys like Luka Doncic, a guy that shoots 30% from three is shooting 53% from three in 2 years... yes he’ll prob get up to 35-37% as he gets better but it’s so unrealistic that Luka is shooting on average 5/9 from three in a season
Jay Wavy
Jay Wavy 3 mesi fa
Facts Tracy McGrady scored 13 points in 33 seconds and has a 50 shot tendency so he averages 9 assists and 12 points
aj fanelli
aj fanelli 3 mesi fa
I love how after this they added a whole new sliders menu regarding tendencies 🤣 they just shut up and do it. Kenny has magical powers lmao
Virran Chopra
Virran Chopra 3 mesi fa
2k add something to xbox myleague make it faster and make something that cost money
Jimb00 xX
Jimb00 xX 3 mesi fa
Bro we need more rants
Faze_ Anthony
Faze_ Anthony 3 mesi fa
Why does paul george is not very good in 2k they have him only average about 17 ppg
lucas lagranha
lucas lagranha 3 mesi fa
4:02 the injuries takes control of progression bro, with them is kind a 15 90 overalls in the league in 7 seasons
Buckets of Epicness
Buckets of Epicness 3 mesi fa
Those tendencies are straight up messed up...
Buckets of Epicness
Buckets of Epicness 3 mesi fa
They should give an option on how fast you want to sim.
Ain’t nobody Care
Ain’t nobody Care 3 mesi fa
Y when we have a auto gen draft class, they all 22-26!!!
Rell Lemonz
Rell Lemonz 3 mesi fa
#fixmaddenfranchise #fix2kmyleague
Falbright54 3 mesi fa
I completely understand and agree with where Kenny is coming from, but you can alter things like shot tendencies and potential in the quick edit menu. So idk if that is a top priority for MyLeague
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas 3 mesi fa
I would like to see coach cards like player cards where you can see their record year by year and where they coached at and season and career records for individual things. Just little things that could add so much more depth
Tdjdj Tesfns
Tdjdj Tesfns 3 mesi fa
Like ronnie are any 2k employee give a fuck about what fans think. They are here to make money off of myteam and mycareer. Smh 2k will be shitty until ronnie is fired
Kanav Arora
Kanav Arora 3 mesi fa
Lol 2k isnt the best sim game on the market. That's bbgm and its free.
Nick Esposito
Nick Esposito 3 mesi fa
the contracts and g league growth is so broken. 68 overall asking for $20mil? and they need to fix their progression system and overhaul it
KILLCHASE 3 mesi fa
J.P.A Family
J.P.A Family 3 mesi fa
This video would make sense if Ronnie didn't get fired months ago....
anthony ruggeri
anthony ruggeri 3 mesi fa
Brock Lewis
Brock Lewis 3 mesi fa
fax, kot4q always right on
LeWynne13 3 mesi fa
Bro, stop complaining about the “problems” in 2K’s MyLeague. NBA 2K has the best franchise/myleague mode in sports games. Try playing Madden’s franchise mode and then complain about 2K’s MyLeague. Just try...
tom Patterson
tom Patterson 3 mesi fa
They should do dynamic potential
Braylon Ball
Braylon Ball 3 mesi fa
Patty Mills is also a second rounder
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 3 mesi fa
Lets be honest, the time when Ronnie gives a fuck about anyone is when he is on the bones of his arse, and because everyone buys his shitty “ always copied from last year” 2k, he never gonna give a fuck. On top of that, MyLeague is the least of everyones worries. Career mode is bullshit, MyTeam is always broken in some form or another. Park is just cheese, and if that cheese gets nerfed, there is always some cheesier cheese. Its becoming a joke inside a joke at this point.
FriendlySnagz -
FriendlySnagz - 3 mesi fa
and also when i load up a historic draft class people like kawhi, paul george, and jimmy butler are the number one picks but realistically irl they were barely lottery picks
FriendlySnagz -
FriendlySnagz - 3 mesi fa
chris clemons watching like 👁💧👄💧👁
Ethan Frank
Ethan Frank 3 mesi fa
Why players never wanna resign too. thats a big issue. you win a championship and start from scratch again
Nitrivia Oshawa
Nitrivia Oshawa 3 mesi fa
They need bring back Create a legend nuff said
Ryan L
Ryan L 3 mesi fa
Day 13 of asking Kenny to do the hardest rebuilding challenge ever: First do a fantasy draft but no matter what pick you have you need to choose the player 15 players below the top player. You are not allowed to use trade finder or check to see which teams are rebuilding or selling. Once you build one trade for a player/players and they don't accept it you cannot try and trade for that player again. You also cannot change a players position to make them better. Next you must accept at least 5 trades during the season that a team offers to you. If you lose any games you must try and make a trade with a random team. (This is the only situation in which you can use trade finder, you can't use it during the offseason). You have 3 years to win a championship Have fun.
ThatBoiDre 3 mesi fa
Nothing will change. It’s the same thing with FIFA and their career mode. People have been ranting for years about how the game mode has been the same and absolutely nothing changes. EA and 2K don’t give a shit about career mode and my league respectively cuz they don’t make them any money
J The Way
J The Way 3 mesi fa
Absolute facts
John Capistrano
John Capistrano 3 mesi fa
Theres this thing is 2k14 where in free agency, good players sometimes superstars are willing to take a paycut because your team is a championship contender. Bring that back 2k!!!
NateTheGreat 3 mesi fa
the award history bug
NateTheGreat 3 mesi fa
allstar arena bug
TYTIS 3 mesi fa
best youtuber out ❗️
theatlantakid 3 mesi fa
#FixMaddenFranchise #Fix2KMyLeague
theatlantakid 3 mesi fa
#FixMaddenFranchise #Fix2KMyLeague
DBL N 3 mesi fa
Ronnie's just a face. The ones @ the root of the problem, we haven't seen/are not as public. The same goes for hollywood/music industry...if you know you know.
Patriots571994 3 mesi fa
Online MyLeague is a joke, they should be ashamed for even putting that in the game
Hoodie Chris
Hoodie Chris 3 mesi fa
BTW Kenny there is no draft busts.
Antonio 3 mesi fa
One thing is also when you have your star player playing good minutes and having his best season then saying he wont resign💀
Caveman Slim1822
Caveman Slim1822 3 mesi fa
Park is better
CamRebuilds 3 mesi fa
For sure brother! Agree with everything you said here mans!
Warren Roby
Warren Roby 3 mesi fa
100%! Where have I been? I only just seen this and fully agree. I will not be buying NBA2K21 until Kenny approves that it is better!
ASTRO 3 mesi fa
The my leauge has 2 kings, KOT4Q, and Clique, comment if I’m missing one
Eazy 3 mesi fa
Let them know Kenny
Braedyn Kleinfieldt
Braedyn Kleinfieldt 3 mesi fa
Another issue is the fact that the first seed almost always loses to the 8th seed in the first round of the postseason
Bret Early
Bret Early 3 mesi fa
I agree we need to update the my league. Now go look at madden franchise 😂 I would kill to have 2ks my league in madden. All those offline modes that make no money in every game will always be at the bottom sadly. Time for a change!!
Josh Cook
Josh Cook 3 mesi fa
This is 100%. I’ve never understood why they don’t involve the youtubers and streamers who see the ins and outs of the games all the way through. I honestly think the youtubers should band together and help make a new basketball game with another company because their input would make the game 3 to 4 times better easily
Jacob Dinzeo
Jacob Dinzeo 3 mesi fa
One thing I hate is I will offer a player a 5 year max and he ends up taking a one year deal for less then 10 million. I will have won back to back titles so it’s not like it’s due to not winning. This happens to me all the time it’s annoying
Avery Lowe
Avery Lowe 3 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the Steph Curry challenge -build around 1 player -make it to the finals 5 straight times and win 3 of them -win 2 MVP’s with that player -get that player in all 5 all star games -that player must get 50/40/90 one season -get the best record in NBA history for one season
plAsma_Spike 3 mesi fa
Tap on my profile picture
plAsma_Spike 3 mesi fa
Glitch God
Glitch God 3 mesi fa
When I saw dino radja I thought of myteam
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ 3 mesi fa
You saw what they did to MyGM... completely ruined. A.I. sim logic has been broken for last 3 yrs. The game works against you, in most cases. Make a player, maxed out, and watch the fuckery. Seems to me (if you played WWE 2K games) there is a fair play feature, whether you want it or not. Play a little and switch to SimCast Live, settings will change on there own, whether said settings are on or not. Kenny, like MyLeague, is underappreciated. Excuse the length.
Blanca John
Blanca John 3 mesi fa
Kenny I'm the most subed my leauge ITpost Jiedel am I a joke to you
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 3 mesi fa
Myleague Online could be something so great and enjoyable in the 2K community but it's so lacking
arnav gulani
arnav gulani 3 mesi fa
watch. ronnie gonna take out my league completely
Neal neal
Neal neal 3 mesi fa
you forgot the WNBA how you cant trade or edit players
Gio 3 mesi fa
2003 rosters STILL don’t work
Nick Mingacci
Nick Mingacci 3 mesi fa
50 40 90. club
Diogo Varandas
Diogo Varandas 3 mesi fa
7 and a half minutes , is the perfect time to roll a joint
Gio 3 mesi fa
Why do you even buy the game
Robert Hackett
Robert Hackett 3 mesi fa
Brek Erickson
Brek Erickson 3 mesi fa
Can we start a campaign to make this man a community manager?!? I guarantee he's more educated and more competent than whoever's responsible for my league rn. Let's make it happen
Riley Hoskin
Riley Hoskin 3 mesi fa
Yooo what they should do it make an online mode where u can verse other players that are rebuilding a team and who ever makes it the furthest into the season wins and u can make trades with them
Aiden Locke
Aiden Locke 3 mesi fa
madden’s been a lot worse then 2k for a long time don’t credit madden for anything. But i agree with all your points, the contract system needs to be reworked and better especially
Michael Merrick
Michael Merrick 3 mesi fa
Please please please please please tell me where to get this Allen iverson shirt
beanbag290 3 mesi fa
"10:31" Hey Dudes! you guys needs some VC just check it out It's easy as hell _/\_ Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
beanbag290 3 mesi fa
"10:31" Hey Dudes! you guys needs some VC just check it out It's easy as hell _/\_ Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
adam sutton
adam sutton 3 mesi fa
Thank you Kenny I've had a lot of these frustrations and I'm glad someone finally spoke out about it.
SiiK Rococo
SiiK Rococo 3 mesi fa
Yooo i loved online myleagues but none of my friends like it anymore :(
dan f
dan f 3 mesi fa
I quit FIFA because EA never listened to anyone and just forced an overpriced reskin on us every year. Don't think they'll listen with 2k either
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