if i lose 10 games, the video ends in nba 2k21

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Gordon Pawinski
Gordon Pawinski 2 giorni fa
Naruto rebuilding Challenge Naruto- Phoenix Suns player because he wears orange Sakura- Disliked or hated player around the league Saskue- Possesses a Sharingan, above 80 overall playmaker Tsunade- Above 80 overall strength Minato- Above 80 overall speed Jiraya- Veteran, must be over 30 years old Boruto- Son of a former NBA player Madara- Overpowered, above 90 overall Formulate the rest of the team the way you wish
SunnyD 12 giorni fa
🚨Spoiler alert 🚨 This video is a banger🔥🔥🔥
K&E Hathaway
K&E Hathaway 14 giorni fa
Team chemistry was whack
John Capistrano
John Capistrano 15 giorni fa
He should've turned off team chemistry
Jayden Espinoza
Jayden Espinoza 16 giorni fa
Do a challenge and only use centers
nol playz
nol playz 16 giorni fa
Dude I was like TJ Mconnel for Zach Lavine? Nah it was TJ Warren. Ur dis Lexus is getting worse Kenny lol
rj robinson
rj robinson 18 giorni fa
16:32 i'm trading TJ Mcconnell for zach lavine me at 16:32:Uhh kenny u traded TJ warren after u just said he was shooting so efficiently Lmao
MrDustyBender 18 giorni fa
Shorten the rotation man
Ian Wyatt
Ian Wyatt 19 giorni fa
Dude teammate chemistry will kill your team this year
Oscar 19 giorni fa
Since 2k21 isn’t that good why not rebuild a team from the best 2k ever? 2k11 any type of rebuild
nochilltayyYT 19 giorni fa
got my notif an hour ago 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
heyyy 19 giorni fa
Stop teasing us with these Bradley Beal Brooklyn singings
Irwin Zhang
Irwin Zhang 19 giorni fa
the last time kenny used the nets was in 2k19
Call Me Smooth
Call Me Smooth 19 giorni fa
you should have disabled chemistry
sali muriqi
sali muriqi 20 giorni fa
Kenny, when you repeat a challenge from 1y ago, please put the link of that video in description too.
Amer 101
Amer 101 20 giorni fa
Bro my league is so underrated and Kenny shows that your a goat ITpostr man
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 20 giorni fa
It doesn't matter what he starts with it's how he FLIPS it
Matthew Bolt
Matthew Bolt 20 giorni fa
2k should put some of the challenges you do into the game if they arent already.
GTGMil /Griffin2cool YT
GTGMil /Griffin2cool YT 20 giorni fa
Kenny here's another challenge inspired by this one: Team must have a record with 8 or less wins. Each time you fail you restart the challenge immediately and the video will not win until the team wins 74 games AND the championship, so if you do win 74 games but lose a series in the playoffs you have to restart the challenge.
Brandon Edelstein
Brandon Edelstein 20 giorni fa
PG: Jamal Murray SG: Devin Booker SF: Zach Lavine Kenny hates having perimeter defense on his team.
Jerry Moody
Jerry Moody 20 giorni fa
You had on team chemistry and u never do
Marlene Stroud
Marlene Stroud 20 giorni fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do a Knicks rebuild :you have to get the knicks a ring must have 2 superstars
John Hartrey
John Hartrey 21 giorno fa
goodboyz chedda
goodboyz chedda 21 giorno fa
Im so confused about this 82 part of the video
Josh Taziole
Josh Taziole 21 giorno fa
you got no defence on that team that's why you lost
Samuel Ottoson
Samuel Ottoson 21 giorno fa
do a what if kd signed with celtics 2015 rebuild
Samuel Ottoson
Samuel Ottoson 21 giorno fa
kenny oof
Boxer m4n
Boxer m4n 21 giorno fa
Kenny is gonna hit one mill by November 28th
Piggy died Dan cried
Piggy died Dan cried 21 giorno fa
Kenny do the Reverse challenge Rules: lets say you go 32-50 next season you have to go 50-32 alright now the rules: fantasy draft (obviously) and win a chip thats literally all i can think of. Like if you like it
Leonardo Rosato
Leonardo Rosato 21 giorno fa
Beal is 6’5 in 2k18
daniel pazani
daniel pazani 21 giorno fa
20:20 bbbbbbruh
Isaiah Spears
Isaiah Spears 21 giorno fa
Pleaseeeeeeeeee help him get to 1 million subscribers. At least 900k by the start of 2021! PLEASEEEEE
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 21 giorno fa
Day 2 of asking kenny to do the Coach kobe challenge Fantasy draft Create kobe as a coach Run the triangle offense Only use players kobe did a episode of detail on or invited to private camp Fill out roster with players that played with kobe Pau must be on team.
Jack B
Jack B 21 giorno fa
Turns out over half the video is just trades and comparing players for value for wins
mini mike
mini mike 21 giorno fa
you messed up by leaving team chemistry on
Taco Lover
Taco Lover 21 giorno fa
it would be cool for an option to randomize the draft order so its different in each round, creating some superteams and some super shitty teams. and the same players wouldnt always be available / untouchable
Big Meatloaf54
Big Meatloaf54 21 giorno fa
Um Kenny team chemistry is on (Edit) he knows never mind
Darrell Yee
Darrell Yee 21 giorno fa
Left Chemistry on thats a big part and all those high shot guys only have 1 ball lol
Toby Kehaty
Toby Kehaty 21 giorno fa
I don't get how do people watch your channel and not subscribe
Nate The Great 28
Nate The Great 28 21 giorno fa
Dear Kenny, I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE YOU WILL FAIL THIS CHALLENGE Day 16 of asking Kenny to do the “In Order Challenge” Rules: -Fantasy draft -10 man rotation -PG has to wear the #1 in real life, SG has to wear the #2 in real life, SF has to wear #3 in real life, PF has to wear #4 in real life, C has to wear #5 in real life, 6th man has to wear #6 in real life, 7th man has to wear #7 in real life, 8th man has to wear #8 in real life, 9th man has to wear #9 in real life, and the 10th man has to wear #10 in real life -Win at least 58 games -Win the chip -Have fun losing🤣 -Like so he can see!!👇👇👇
JackBongo_ 21 giorno fa
When kenny hits u with an ad once he loses 10 games got me dead
It’s just Mir
It’s just Mir 21 giorno fa
Bobby Zimmerman
Bobby Zimmerman 21 giorno fa
Chris Paul and shae can’t be split up they are both on the Spurs 😂😂😂
joshua Gonzales
joshua Gonzales 21 giorno fa
He probably has the best like to dislike ratio I’ve ever see
Colin Jones
Colin Jones 21 giorno fa
Zyro-_-lnkww 21 giorno fa
Get Kenny a million for Christmas
Conor Sheehan
Conor Sheehan 22 giorni fa
Day 89 of asking Kenny to do the “Out of Place Challenge” (I know he has done one similar but this one is still different) Rules: Turn off the trade deadline and Fantasy Draft your team. Make trades prior to the start of the season until you have a team you like. Create a wheel of all positions and spin it for each player in your rotation, then make whatever the wheel lands on that players position. Simulate 30 games. After 30 games make whatever trades to help better your team if needed, spin the wheel for the new players acquired to see what position they get. Simulate until there’s 1 game left in the season. Make anymore trades to help your team in the playoffs, then spin the wheel again to change their position. Play until you win a championship, Good Luck!
Lucas Gootzeit
Lucas Gootzeit 22 giorni fa
You had chemistry on my guy
Dynamic Duo
Dynamic Duo 22 giorni fa
I love your vids
GaVe Unleash
GaVe Unleash 22 giorni fa
120 days til kenny hits 1 mil
the trp Plays
the trp Plays 22 giorni fa
He should do a challenge call make a team that can come back from 3-0 in the playoffs
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 22 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the 123 score challenge you have to spin a wheel with ever number worn by a player what ever number you land on you have to trade for a player with that number like it up please
Grant Ashby
Grant Ashby 22 giorni fa
Called game
Jeremiah lau
Jeremiah lau 22 giorni fa
If i win ten games the video ends
Big Al
Big Al 22 giorni fa
“Short but sweet” Change the settings to have the lowest amount of regular season games as well as the shortest playoff series possible. Go undefeated.
Aidan Costello
Aidan Costello 22 giorni fa
It’s bc u have teammate chem on
MvpBeingOp 22 giorni fa
The kyrie clippers pick was from trading old baron davis to the cavs
YodaIAm 69
YodaIAm 69 22 giorni fa
Bro who remembers when kenny had hats during his videos
Optical 22 giorni fa
I got banned from your discord for no reason and i cant rejoin. Pls like this so he can see.
Sullivan Fish
Sullivan Fish 22 giorni fa
As a Cavs fan I will always remember the days of Kyrie and Lebron and how they where ruined by the warriors
Owen O'Keefe
Owen O'Keefe 22 giorni fa
"We're trading tj mcconnell for zach lavine"
raisin 22 giorni fa
Was once going 6-6 in the season with a super team, traded Kyrie for Ben simmons and finished the season 69-13
raisin 22 giorni fa
Wink link Huh kenny...
raisin 22 giorni fa
16:17 .....
Zachie76 22 giorni fa
Kenny has to turn off team chemistry
John Taylor
John Taylor 22 giorni fa
Day 2 of asking for the white boy challenge
Y&A NBA 22 giorni fa
Day 17 of asking Kenny to do the "50-40-90 club" challenge -Fantasy Draft -Turn Off Untouchable Players (No Untouchable Players) -Have 3 or More Players be in the 50-40-90 club on your team in the same season -Win the Championship in that same season -Bonus= Get RoCo and make him play at least 25 minutes per game -Can be a one year challenge or multiple years (you can choose) Like so the GOAT can see
art vandonkersgoed
art vandonkersgoed 22 giorni fa
Kenny. Do the Record breaker challenge. Fantasy Draft. Break at least 3 season all time record or 1 all time record counts as 2 season records.
senatorkenator 22 giorni fa
Greetings fellow traveller, it is Day 52 of asking Kenny to do the Epic All-Cow Challenge (EACC): After randomly selecting team, all NBA “Kyles” must be acquired and play at least 20 min a game apiece to win a ship in under 3 seasons. The starting 5 must include Kyle Lowry, Kyle Kuzma, Kyle Korver, and Kyle O’Quinn. Kyle Anderson, Kyle Guy and Kyle Alexander must also be on the team. The only reason you may trade a "Kyle" is for a "Ky": Acquiring a "Ky" like Kyrie Irving or Ky Bowman doesn’t count unless you can somehow flip at least 2 Kyles to get him and any other assets you pick up in the trade. BONUS: You may choose to replace any Kyles from the squad for the following stipulations... 1. You may omit ONE KYLE IF you surround yourself with cows in the thumbnail of the video. At least 4 cows must be visible. 2. You may omit TWO KYLES IF you pronounce every "Kyle" in the video as "Cow". If you slip up, you must reacquire said Kyles. 3. You may omit THREE KYLES IF you dress like a cow for the duration of the video.
BillikenBaller3 22 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the Kobe Bryant Rebuild: Challenge is for 10 years. (Kobe played 20, you can do 20 if you want but that might take a while) You must win 5 championships. (To make it harder, you can change it to win 5 championships, 1 three-peat and 1 back to back) You must have a player on your team win MVP at least one year. You can't end the video until you complete the challenge. (Mamba Mentality) RIP Black Mamba
DLO Aryan ,
DLO Aryan , 22 giorni fa
840k subs, hes getting close
Polykarpos Christodoulou
Polykarpos Christodoulou 22 giorni fa
Dude team chemistry is onnn
milko shterev
milko shterev 22 giorni fa
Day 9 of asking kenny to do the all time fantasy draft rebuilding challange which means u have to do a rebuild from a fantasy draft and it has to be the all time roster but the thing is that u gonna have to start player from every era so for example u have a pg from the 70s sg from the 80s and sf from the 90s pf from the 00s and c from the 10s but they don't have to be they way i did it every position could be from every era 👍🏽
J Mill
J Mill 22 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Tall Ball vs Small Ball” challenge The rules are: - take control of one team in each conference - fantasy draft - One team has to only have players that are 6’7 and smaller, while the other team has to only have players 6’8 and taller - Have the two teams meet in the finals Good luck Kenny!
Brian Simontacchi
Brian Simontacchi 22 giorni fa
The 2 X 3 Challenge (in honor of Number 23): 1. Two championships (back to back) with only Three 2020 All-Stars at any time. If you have three All-Stars and want to trade for another one, you must trade one of your All-Stars in that deal. 2. Two trades of only Three first round picks. You can only trade a total of three first round picks in two trades. You can trade all three picks in one trade or split them up over both trades. 3. Two seasons for Three KOT4Q regulars. You can trade for no more than three KOT4Q regulars each season (Bam, Covington, VanVleet, LaVine, etc) Fantasy draft as the Chicago Bulls. Good luck!
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 22 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a NO PRIMARY challenge so here is the rules: fantasy draft Get the WORST coach Make everyone there worst postion ovr Like so ken ken can see
TurtleGod567 22 giorni fa
Do the Kevin Durant challenge You take yourself kot4q (the goat) and every time u lose you change your team to the team that you lost to and the last team you go on before the playoffs( must be playoff team) you rebuild that team to a chip
Sexypenguin 69
Sexypenguin 69 22 giorni fa
Kenny 🏝🐷 (Beach, ham)
Laxpro1.10 22 giorni fa
Can I ask why he doesn’t turn teammate chemistry off anymore. Did I miss something in the pass 2 weeks
Mateo Benito
Mateo Benito 22 giorni fa
05 challenge: Load a 2005-06 rost... Oh
Nur Irfan
Nur Irfan 22 giorni fa
I do not owe anybody anything now thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
me the one and only
me the one and only 22 giorni fa
Why kenny leave team chemistry on
B P 22 giorni fa
Is it just me or does Kenny look faded
Matija Petrovic
Matija Petrovic 22 giorni fa
Challenge: Build a team for the enemy. You can only control 1 team, when you trade for a player you have to trade with that enemy team for almost nothing and that way build a 8 man rotation for both teams. You gotta meet in the finals.
Newell Woolridge
Newell Woolridge 22 giorni fa
The way ended 🤣🤣 I love you Kenny but the way you lost was really funny
Lilryanstein 22 giorni fa
Chemistry sold him this video
Adi 26
Adi 26 22 giorni fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to be in GM school
tcdahn7 22 giorni fa
Team chemistry is do do
damion kuilan
damion kuilan 22 giorni fa
Richy Rich
Richy Rich 22 giorni fa
Aye kenny I think its cause u got team chemistry on try turning it off next time 🔥
Trevor Wright
Trevor Wright 22 giorni fa
as a pacers fan this rebuild was dope
Isaac Thomas
Isaac Thomas 22 giorni fa
the fan favorite challenge 1. do a fantasy draft 2. then trade for 13 to 15 fan favorites example alex caruso and tacko fall 3. all of your starters have to play 37 minutes or more good luck Kenny
Kenneth Velasquez
Kenneth Velasquez 22 giorni fa
Do no 1st round picks challenge You can only have 2nd round picks and try to build a team to win a championship
Smoke_WANTEDD 22 giorni fa
Kenny u lost the challenge because of ur teammate chemistry , ur team was stacked but the chemistry will make u lose games, when u make more trades it makes ur chemistry even worse. I think u should retry the challenge with chemistry off.
dumboi 22 giorni fa
watching this on my school break keep up the great work kenny
Liam Lantz
Liam Lantz 22 giorni fa
Top 50 challenge: U must have 2 top 50 scorer Top 50 assist getter in nba history 3 players Top 50 rebounder in nba history 4 players Top 50 player in nba history Top get 2 players that are top 50 in steals and blocks in nba history Nba legends fantasy draft Must get have back-back champs 12 man rotation every player need to get 8 minutes
Kingkarlkong Kingkarlkong
Kingkarlkong Kingkarlkong 22 giorni fa
Miami Heat challenge -Must have 3 stars in the beginning of the season then trade them in the draft night for second rounders or late first. Then try to be a mediocre team for 3-4 seasons then win a chip in the last year. *Must only win 44 or less games in those mediocre seasons. *You can’t have a top 10 pick, and if you acquire one you need to trade it. *Also after the first season you should give max or bad contracts to mediocre players. (Should sign atleast 2 of those players to a 5 year deal, and you can’t trade them during the mediocre seasons) *After the mediocre seasons, you are only allowed to sign one big name free agent, so you need to draft well or trade for assets well in order to complete the challenge *And lastly if you manage to win a championship during the mediocre seasons then you failed. :))
Tyler Dove
Tyler Dove 22 giorni fa
My man's really passed on caruso as a back up pg
Rylan Charron
Rylan Charron 22 giorni fa
Kenny you lost because team chemistry was on
Dlo For the win
Dlo For the win 22 giorni fa
I’ll trade Spencer even though I love him and have his jersey
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