Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 15 minuti fa
Lmaoo when he said Jae crowder
Chris Hogarty
Chris Hogarty 22 minuti fa
Kenny: “Andre Drummond is usually on winning teams” Me: *laughs in pistons fan*
Onlyone Kari
Onlyone Kari 25 minuti fa
Bro so aggy dis man keep givin me a reason to play borin ahh MY GM fw it doe
Gaming God
Gaming God 27 minuti fa
Buddy heild called GAME!
broncutler6 27 minuti fa
Your voice sounds a lot like Will Smith....just sayin
ROLLIN TO VICTORY 36 minuti fa
The rockets watched this video and signed demarcus
Cem Sen
Cem Sen 51 minuto fa
kenny you can download a custom roster where all of the contracts are strictly updated from user created rosters
ccwkex s
ccwkex s 55 minuti fa
Get ready for these next couple of weeks... I have been saving clips since week 1 to make my "best ____ of the 2020 season" videos, and they will be fire! Thank you for the support all season!
Not Breezy
Not Breezy 58 minuti fa
Me: So you are a bulls fan Kenny Name every player that ever played a minute in a bulls uniform
ccwkex s
ccwkex s Ora fa
We’re playing 2K21 Next Gen as a squad for the first time. Should be most of us there.
Aleksandar Prodanić
Aleksandar Prodanić Ora fa
IDEA FOR A CHALLENGE =Kelly Oubre CP3 challenge Do a rebuild of a team but you can only trade players with the same jersey number
william edmisten
william edmisten Ora fa
Unbeatable starting 5 challenge: Put curry, doncic, giannis, Anthony Davis, jokic all on the same team Try to Build a team to beat them in championship
1magine Shield
1magine Shield Ora fa
James wiseman
ccwkex s
ccwkex s Ora fa
“I think that’s enough losing, no one more week” -Kentrell Beecham, 2020
YvngJay Ora fa
do the warriors and james wiseman
MIKE Ora fa
8:52 why is trae young a 77 overall??
JJ The 1con
JJ The 1con Ora fa
We lowkey #46 on trending for gaming. Put in the work Kenny
Charlie Strongman
Charlie Strongman Ora fa
Love the vids Kenny keep it up . Any chance of you doing a Celtics rebuild
Andrew Kloha
Andrew Kloha Ora fa
So no one else noticed that there were only 29 teams and each round of the fantasy draft at the beginning
Sam O'brien
Sam O'brien Ora fa
pacers had 3% to jump up (projected 10th) and got the first pick
john malone
john malone Ora fa
Am The biggest bulls fan ever best team in the world
TJ Hoffman
TJ Hoffman 2 ore fa
Hey Kenny what do you think Patrick Williams ceiling will be in the I would love if you do a Cleveland rebuild on next gen!
Hendo 2 ore fa
Kenny I need an ID on that shirt
David Hemlock
David Hemlock 2 ore fa
The Rockets heard you hyping up Boogie!
Samuel Blake
Samuel Blake 2 ore fa
Flip it to the top challenge: start with pick 60 and trade up one by one to the 1st overall pick
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright 2 ore fa
For the record taurean prince ain’t related to tayshaun prince
Gringo Saiyan
Gringo Saiyan 2 ore fa
Bar Furer
Bar Furer 2 ore fa
Do a Washington Wizards rebuild with Deni Avdija
Solid Chap
Solid Chap 2 ore fa
rockets picked up boogiw
I Dunna
I Dunna 2 ore fa
whats that background music? it feels like a vibe
Gregisgreezzy 2 ore fa
Can’t wait til We lift that trophy again 💪 I’m just imagining the parade 😁
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson 2 ore fa
asking kenny for “miami heat“challenge The challenge have a undrated and superstar in roster Undrated must dont have any achievement But superstar must be older than 30 and playes must apper 5 all-star and one time all nba and rookie team at least And your are the best ITpostr im see in rebuild Bonus:get the less overrated player as you can 60 days bonus:sign Dylan winler
Grant Kalmes
Grant Kalmes 2 ore fa
Bro I haven’t heard you say comment of the day in years
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 2 ore fa
are we really gonna skip passed the fact it said the spurs fired pop in the first season😂
252 Chad
252 Chad 2 ore fa
This video don’t end until I go 82-0
Karin Hagermann
Karin Hagermann 2 ore fa
When Kenny only wins 4 championship out of 21games. Kenny : I had no picks!!!!!
Simmy AutomatiK
Simmy AutomatiK 2 ore fa
Anthony Olivera
Anthony Olivera 2 ore fa
Let’s see any big trades. Skips right over Booker getting traded to the spurs
Luke Morley
Luke Morley 2 ore fa
I had forgot about comment of the day... wow
Kenzo Caintic
Kenzo Caintic 2 ore fa
Is no one gonna talk about how everytime Kenny does a trade Simmons and Siakam always appear?
Hvghlvght Productions
Hvghlvght Productions 2 ore fa
Please do the pistons
D1awesome 2 ore fa
Every time you upload it makes my day brother thank you
The king of gaming
The king of gaming 2 ore fa
Kenny trying to donate a man a Jersey any bulls jersey idc what player(no Felicia)
The king of gaming
The king of gaming 2 ore fa
Hulks0125 2 ore fa
Buddy called game 😂🤣
Zyere Johnson-Curry
Zyere Johnson-Curry 2 ore fa
Kenny, you should do a dynamic duo rebuilding challenge.
alexander james
alexander james 2 ore fa
Any one hear dis nigga say "SETH curry is a monsta"🤣
cameron carter
cameron carter 2 ore fa
Kot4q do a rebuild 2k11 Allen iverson to the Lakers
Caden Russell
Caden Russell 2 ore fa
Why doesn’t this man have 1 mill subs yet??????
Jared Blalock
Jared Blalock 2 ore fa
i was annoyed with the contracts too
Nate Baron
Nate Baron 3 ore fa
Kenny man you had me dying when you called cap on the steaks weakness listed for your team and your reaction made me laugh so much, made my day man
Sebastian De Koning
Sebastian De Koning 3 ore fa
Do myteam
Saij Singh
Saij Singh 3 ore fa
27:51 is that coby whites son??
Preston Danuels
Preston Danuels 3 ore fa
Who here after crowder went to the Suns
Evan Hopper
Evan Hopper 3 ore fa
Could you do a 10 year simulation and see how many championships you win
TonLo 3 ore fa
How do you get the new rookie class on a roster?
Tadeo Mendez
Tadeo Mendez 3 ore fa
Best coach game plan for the systems ? Would be helpful
Benjie 3 ore fa
yo kenny u gotta make yo face cam smaller head big as hell
Brady Bauer
Brady Bauer 3 ore fa
The only reason I would think 2k would have some contracts right and some wrong is maybe because some players want there salaries shown and some don’t besides that I can’t think of anything very dumb.
Kyle Soriano
Kyle Soriano 3 ore fa
Some deals aren’t finalized my guy
Coldhearted DJ00
Coldhearted DJ00 3 ore fa
Kenny needs an iron and a lent roller sorry not sorry
The Broche
The Broche 3 ore fa
anybody notice at 8:35 his team only scored 37 in a game lmaooo
Isaac Nollen
Isaac Nollen 3 ore fa
9:27 Spurs fire Pop? 2k is an unrealistic world
edgar castaneda
edgar castaneda 3 ore fa
Why jokic number 51 when he the franchise player😂
JishAFish 3 ore fa
because that’s the number he wants
Brandon Paul
Brandon Paul 3 ore fa
Bring the wheel out for me Kenny you pick your favorite one
Asking kenny or anyone in the comments what console has faster sim speed in 2k21 ps5 or Xbox?
JishAFish 3 ore fa
PS5 is like ten times faster
1Turboo 3 ore fa
FWM upcoming rapper from out Maryland
The Hitman
The Hitman 3 ore fa
Kenny:THEESE CONTRACTS ARE WRONG. Me: basketball go bounce
PaullyD Gangsta
PaullyD Gangsta 3 ore fa
Rebuild the warriors go from worst to best
SpaceshipCoop 3 ore fa
9:26 = Spurs fire Gregg Popovich................. 2K is trash
JishAFish 3 ore fa
they’re literally gonna do that irl as they should
Who’s here when the rockets picked up boogie👀
onur erdem
onur erdem 3 ore fa
2k is fucking lazy
Keppel Ryan
Keppel Ryan 3 ore fa
To anyone reading this and is going though a bad time add my Snapchat rhinoKeppel-7 or dm me on Instagram ryankeppel__ stay safe guys if you need to talk
Keppel Ryan
Keppel Ryan 3 ore fa
To anyone reading this and is going though a bad time and need to talk add my Snapchat rhinokeppel-7 of dm on Instagram ryankeppel__ if they need to talk
Keppel Ryan
Keppel Ryan 3 ore fa
Abs stay safe
Tamir Hussein
Tamir Hussein 3 ore fa
I'm the 1000th comment
Tony Rigatoni
Tony Rigatoni 3 ore fa
29:58 low key thought we was gonna kiss
Aaron Rapoza
Aaron Rapoza 3 ore fa
follow me @aaronrapoza on TikTok please.
SkyRock 3 ore fa
that cut to "Lebron literally just did that" lmao
Eldon Rankins
Eldon Rankins 3 ore fa
Me when Kenny says to like at the end of the video finishing my build the video ends it is lost in history me i got to find i got to find it
RyanDwyer 100
RyanDwyer 100 3 ore fa
Day 36 of asking Kenny to Do The Same Overall Challenge, it is everyone in Your starting lineup must be the same overall, and everyone on the bench must have the same overall (Separate overalls for the Bench player and the starters if it’s not clear) It should be fun watching u try to trade in this one
Mason Turner
Mason Turner 3 ore fa
Warriors rebuild next please