handheldnintendofan 5 ore fa
NBA live 04 had Jordan in the legends pool
Nicholas Barclay
Nicholas Barclay 5 ore fa
How does Kenny start of with just bam and auto generated players?
Xcel 6 ore fa
That thumbnail is so disrespectful
Yoda Ahlgren
Yoda Ahlgren 6 ore fa
Do u have merch I really want to cop kotq4 merch
Yoda Ahlgren
Yoda Ahlgren 6 ore fa
DominicanHokage 6 ore fa
Now all EA has to do is remake this game from the ground up with all the stuff that the fans loved about it and 2k will be a thing of the past
Dacubs99 7 ore fa
Slam City with Scottie Pippen was on the Sega CD Kenny! It's an interesting game to say the least. Its mostly an fmv (full motion video) video game. You press a button and a video plays. Its what most video game developers thought what the future of gaming was going to be like. They were very wrong..
Bima Kathanta
Bima Kathanta 7 ore fa
Lebron ad doncic durant adebayo
Justin Sheen
Justin Sheen 7 ore fa
stop screaming into the fucking mic goddamn
Forgotten One
Forgotten One 8 ore fa
05 is goated man
X Factor
X Factor 8 ore fa
If Kenny’s going back to old games it would be awesome if he would play some NBA live like so he can see
Abraham Bueno
Abraham Bueno 8 ore fa
I gave a like. I don't want any problems... please...
Solo Zolt
Solo Zolt 8 ore fa
dusty the goat
Treigh Noble
Treigh Noble 8 ore fa
Just got through it, deserves way more than a like
Deivias 8 ore fa
I remember going to my friend's house when he got a Dreamcast at launch. Good times.
kinggalexandre 8 ore fa
So jealous of Kenny man. 😭😭😭 the goat 🐐
The Black Mamba
The Black Mamba 8 ore fa
I always like videos unless is click bait. I almost left this video with a dislike that I accidentally pressed
Pryax/ /Swee
Pryax/ /Swee 8 ore fa
Diangelo russel started in la / nets / golden / and now wolves ....
Devin Tookes
Devin Tookes 9 ore fa
kenny stop capping we know you used a zen for the 3pt contest lol
ツPludo 10 ore fa
Did anyone else watch the whole video?
A7 ZOOM 10 ore fa
Hey Kenny lk u won’t get this but here my idea . The music challenge, Only aloud a team full with singers and rappers and u just have to win a championship Ik u won’t get this but I’m gonna try l hope u see this
Nixon Reardon
Nixon Reardon 10 ore fa
Nixon Reardon
Nixon Reardon 10 ore fa
Please a leave the card when u get it if it’s good like the Tyler hero 3 of 5 !!!!!!!!
KZM Gaming143
KZM Gaming143 10 ore fa
Only idiots use 5man rot
RyanDwyer 100
RyanDwyer 100 11 ore fa
Day 12 of asking Kenny to Do The Same Overall Challenge, it is everyone in Your starting lineup must be the same overall, and everyone on the bench must have the same overall (Separate overalls for the Bench player and the starters if it’s not clear) It should be fun watching u try to trade in this one
RyanDwyer 100
RyanDwyer 100 11 ore fa
Day 11 of asking Kenny to Do The Same Overall Challenge, it is everyone in Your starting lineup must be the same overall, and everyone on the bench must have the same overall (Separate overalls for the Bench player and the starters if it’s not clear) It should be fun watching u try to trade in this one
cleve21ful 11 ore fa
Nah bro. NBA live 95 was the best!
NoPPLeft 11 ore fa
he really pronounced keefe as caffy lol dyslexic kenny back at it again
Brayden Yap
Brayden Yap 11 ore fa
Park on live 05 lol. Hop on boys.
Zac M
Zac M 12 ore fa
"starting lineup: Damian Lillard, Zach Lavine, Kris Middleton, Bam, Christiano Felicio" Possibly my favorite rebuild video 🤣🤣
Yeeter21 12 ore fa
Interesting challenge idea: 'The WORST Superteam Challenge" Your goal is to win less than 30 games and miss the playoffs (extra points if you win less than 20 games). You must create a super team, you cannot have a starter that is lower than an 82 overall, and you must have 3 starters that are at least an 86 overall. Starters must play at least 36 minutes per game. Your bench rotation can only have 1 player that is between 70-75 overall, the rest of your bench rotation must be at least 78 overall and your sixth man must be at least an 81 overall. 8-10 man rotation, and you cannot mess around with minutes and take all the minutes away from the best players.
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz 12 ore fa
I used Peja and I always go perfect
hiphop909 12 ore fa
Yo send me that Lenny Wilkins lol 😂
Keiondre 12 ore fa
Tomas tatum
Roer Damgo
Roer Damgo 13 ore fa
Kenny is a real basketball fan because he know almost every player in the nba
Gladdy Fulguerinas
Gladdy Fulguerinas 13 ore fa
He doesent mess with that guy cause fought the bulls
Zextro 13 ore fa
only og remember “it’s nba live 2005” 😂
Zac M
Zac M 13 ore fa
The amount of times kenny mispronounces Reggie (Rejjie) Miller smh
Basketball Boy
Basketball Boy 13 ore fa
Yesterday I played 2k and Steph curry and Klay looked like they were about 60 years old. Did anyone else get that?
MrJrock52 13 ore fa
Ty lue 55 😂
Ryan Warne
Ryan Warne 13 ore fa
2k just need to put more effort in there games that all
BKnudsen5 13 ore fa
2k3 is my personal favorite
ss616 13 ore fa
Dusty growing faster than my MyPlayer 😂
Kenny C
Kenny C 14 ore fa
From one Kenny to another, I appreciate your videos and keep working hard ✊🏽 Teammate challenge: Fantasy draft Must have a 90 overall player Must have a team filled with teammates that player had throughout his career Must 3-peat within 4 years Turn off salary cap Turn off untouchables Good Luck 👍🏽
FadelessSpade 26
FadelessSpade 26 14 ore fa
Lmao Riggie Miller
Kenny C
Kenny C 14 ore fa
I recently became a subscriber and I am here for the 2k content. Amazing videos and we have the same name ✊🏽
Joey Meyer
Joey Meyer 14 ore fa
“I’m feeling good about this one” *proceeds to trade KD and Russ away then miss the playoffs*
Dyiego Rivas
Dyiego Rivas 14 ore fa
The nba live rebuilding challenge rebuild the worst team in nba live 21.You have 3 years to try and rebuild that team if you fail you have to post 7 days in a row.
Dyiego Rivas
Dyiego Rivas 14 ore fa
Good idea
Dyiego Rivas
Dyiego Rivas 14 ore fa
That’s a really good idea
Dyiego Rivas
Dyiego Rivas 14 ore fa
That’s a good one
Tyy2Comp- 14 ore fa
This nigga better get 1million views like if You agree
Lou Gotti
Lou Gotti 15 ore fa
How they ask about the 1987 dunk contest and 3 of the options weren’t anywhere near the league then??? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Dart 15 ore fa
NBA LIVE 2005 mad funk. Played this on my parents old pc as a kid!!
Dylan Gonyea
Dylan Gonyea 15 ore fa
Asking kenny to put carmelo Anthony back on the Knicks and make him the first scoring option and try to rebuild the team and win as much championships as you can until he retires and it has to be at least 2 seasons which means if he retires before then overide it and try to win 1 more year
40cal Xd
40cal Xd 15 ore fa
Can we get a rebuild
HHH GAMING 15 ore fa
WhO ElSe ThInKs ThAt KeNnY Is SuPeR FuNnY??
The High-rophant
The High-rophant 15 ore fa
I believe 05 Sac Kings were nice.. Brad Miller C. Webb Peja Christie Bibby Bobby Jack I think Turkoglu was still there
Joey Vatz
Joey Vatz 15 ore fa
Do a real MJ move and get 6 finals mvps with the same person!!!!!!!! With his two 3 peats and two years off
Harry Griffen
Harry Griffen 15 ore fa
18:03 darkskinDoom
Antonio G
Antonio G 15 ore fa
Stopped watching after he aint pick up mike
Mamba out
Mamba out 15 ore fa
G Curry - 2 G MJ - 5 F Kobe - 4 F Dirk - 3 C Hakeem -1 Bron who?
MaikuLaKilla 15 ore fa
The Prime Chicago Bulls challenge You have to rebuild the Chicago Bulls Your team must win 6 championships in the span of 8 years Your bench must be 75 overalls and under, also fatigue must be on Your main scorer needs to average 25+ Btw I love your videos, and godbless
The High-rophant
The High-rophant 15 ore fa
KG won 04 MVP Kenny thats why his rating so high
Caleb Queen
Caleb Queen 15 ore fa
Most difficult challenge he’s done to date
Bailie 16 ore fa
I was told this guy played among us with was fake I geuss
Devin Ruiz
Devin Ruiz 16 ore fa
George Niflis
George Niflis 16 ore fa
I thought this was etika ;( ...
Alex Mattson
Alex Mattson 16 ore fa
If you can't beat em join em challenge Rules: Do a fantasy draft Turn off trade deadline Once you get your team rebuild them until you believe they are championship contenders Every time you lose a regular season game you takeover the team you lost to and you have to make them a championship team Whatever team you end the season with is your team and you can't make trades in the playoffs Love your content Kenny Like so he sees Also taking suggestions on how to make this better
Axyl Quibral
Axyl Quibral 16 ore fa
East West Phil Jackson Rebuild Rules: Must Pick the two worst teams from both the east and the west, the goal is to win a 3peat with both worst teams the first attempt they get! Hard Mode: No more that 3 All stars in the team and Give your two best players less than 25 Minutes when they are in the finals
EPIC GAMER 16 ore fa
SRG :-D :-)
Robert Deal
Robert Deal 16 ore fa
THAT ONE GUY 16 ore fa
SHIIIITTTT THEY SLEEPING ON THE DOUBLE DRIBBLE. 2 PLAYER IS FYE (especially as a drinking game with ya boys) ANYONE CAN GET THAT SMOKE ANYTIME ANYWHERE LMFAO!! Hitting 3pts on that game is so satisfying!! i have more fun times playing that with friend then any 2k after 13. (And for theose wondering you get it on the Wii (which is one of the best consoles ever created))
EPIC GAMER 16 ore fa
:-) :-D =-O 🤑
Joe Bidens Conscience
Joe Bidens Conscience 16 ore fa
I would have to disagree. Live 05 was good, but 06 and 07 was incredible! 😂
Youtube Music Pro
Youtube Music Pro 16 ore fa
Among Us Challenge “He sus” Fantasy draft, Make as many trades as you want before sim - For every 5 losses, eject an “imposter” on your team (RELEASE the starter that has the worst total +/- in those 5 games, then sign a free agent to fill the roster spot) - You only get 3 “emergency meetings” throughout the entire season, meaning you can only make 3 trades once you start simulating - You can turn off trade deadline/ untouchables if you want - You have to assemble ur best starting five throughout the szn (meaning you can’t force Luka to come off the bench just to avoid releasing him) - Win a championship :) BONUS: There are 12 colors in among us. At the beginning of the season, each of your 12 rotational players must resemble one color. (The player must have worn a jersey of this color at one point of his career) Example: Red: Bulls, Rockets Blue: Magic, 76ers Yellow: Lakers, Pacers Purple: Jazz, Kings Black: Nets, Spurs White: Warriors, Clippers Cyan: Grizzlies, Hornets Orange: Suns, OKC Pink: Heat Brown: Cavs, Pelicans Lime: TWolves, Mavs Green: Celtics, Bucks (This is just an example! Heat can obviously have pink, cyan, red, white, black... Every team has so many jersey options to work with) Lovin all the bangers Kenny!
Baywatch Vlogging
Baywatch Vlogging 16 ore fa
Aye kenny you should play nba live mobile it is legit man road to 1 mil
2024: Nicolas Soto Arrazola
2024: Nicolas Soto Arrazola 16 ore fa
IN MY opinion its kd 3, steph 2 and bron 1.
Derek Sutton
Derek Sutton 16 ore fa
Thank you for all the videos you put out, I look forward to them! NBA Live 2005 was one of my favorites before I switched to NBA 2K5 and never went back.
Alejandro Mende
Alejandro Mende 16 ore fa
Do you have a dork niv from dallas team
Jalen Madjidi
Jalen Madjidi 16 ore fa
the better tatum
2024: Nicolas Soto Arrazola
2024: Nicolas Soto Arrazola 16 ore fa
draymond is underrated
2024: Nicolas Soto Arrazola
2024: Nicolas Soto Arrazola 16 ore fa
draymond is underrated
BaconFootball 17 ore fa
Dude you can play orginal xbox games in the 360