LastKing Chris
LastKing Chris 19 minuti fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do this challenge. Random team Fantasy draft a team 1 season to do Build a team but can only trade with that team rivals LIKE SO KENNY WILL DO.
Samuel Siebert
Samuel Siebert 22 minuti fa
The better Tatum
Insert name here
Insert name here 24 minuti fa
Dusty Knox
Jackoo 0328
Jackoo 0328 32 minuti fa
2:13 It is a TIGER!!!!!
Ashez 44 minuti fa
3 Team Trade Only...
Doc Esquire
Doc Esquire 53 minuti fa
Called game! Love the videos Kenny. Keep up the great work bro!!
Spiral Is ok
Spiral Is ok 53 minuti fa
2k15 was the first 2k i ever played
Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit Ora fa
Kenny doesn’t know what a dragon is
דניאל טורקוביץ
דניאל טורקוביץ Ora fa
Jeremy pargo is maccabi tel Aviv legenddd
Michael Meacham
Michael Meacham Ora fa
2k should have a feature that when two players Whos play style compliment each other their overalls go up. That was be INSANE
Money Flo
Money Flo Ora fa
Why do people dislike
187 Ora fa
Hugo it's not russian name at all, it's like gabriel in norway, 0 people with this name on country. But moment with - tiger or lion, more funny :)
Collin Kelly
Collin Kelly Ora fa
I'd go: PG- The Glove SG- Moncrief SF- LeBron PF- Timmy C- Big Ben
Skyler Bird
Skyler Bird Ora fa
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Elias Androus
Elias Androus Ora fa
Bro Kenny didn’t realize that he could have spun the wheel again when he got number one and tried to get Giannis
Cristion Sanchez
Cristion Sanchez Ora fa
The Chatanooga Lookouts is a Minor League basketball team
Jonah Briggs
Jonah Briggs Ora fa
Sean Lau
Sean Lau Ora fa
2012 all again
Skyler Bird
Skyler Bird Ora fa
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THUGLIFE 412990 2 ore fa
Please do a rebuild in this league and try to go 82-0
Joel A
Joel A 2 ore fa
15:56 Block buster trade This too 16:54 20:33 forget about this trade
Bryson Dockery
Bryson Dockery 2 ore fa
I did a 2k19 rebuild on the nets and dlo averaged almost 40 in the finals
The Cryptic Squad
The Cryptic Squad 2 ore fa
When do the limited hoodies ship?.
GoColts4 2 ore fa
Dude actually made Kawhi $5 more than LeBron😂😭
Aiden Pellerine
Aiden Pellerine 2 ore fa
Video idea: get the bulls a championship without playing as their team. (Trade for players to trade to the bulls to help them)
Collin Kelly
Collin Kelly 2 ore fa
I once beat akinator with Dickey Simpkins
Jackson Gaming
Jackson Gaming 2 ore fa
Day 2 of asking of the Kardashian’s build Rule number one. You have to put every NBAplayer each kardashian has dated on one team From there on out it is a free rebuild but you have to win 2 champs
Torin McNary
Torin McNary 3 ore fa
At this point any basketball game is better than 2k
Colby Heinrichs
Colby Heinrichs 3 ore fa
Kenny make me smile!
David Bolivar
David Bolivar 3 ore fa
Kenny should go another year and then rebuild the worst team
Uri Cue
Uri Cue 3 ore fa
Kenny:me and my future son.....
Raphael Angelo Mclaren
Raphael Angelo Mclaren 3 ore fa
Asking Kenny to do the ‘’Greatest NBA franchise challenge” Rules: 1. Make an expansion team 2.Win 17 championship 3. Have a MVP on your team 4. Have a big 3 5. Have win a 3peat 6. Don’t let the Lakers or Celtics win a chip(if they do you have to win one more championship) Like so Kenny can see
Lester Crest
Lester Crest 3 ore fa
Finishing: John Collins ($1) Jumper: Kevin Durant ($2) Defense: Kawhi Leonard ($5) Playmaking: James Harden ($2) Athleticism: Giannis Antetokounmpo ($5)
SnowFlame DROWZI
SnowFlame DROWZI 3 ore fa
Kenny please react to this video
Jesus's Right Nip
Jesus's Right Nip 4 ore fa
Ain't no one gonna talk about 3:44 lebron averaging 41
Jesus's Right Nip
Jesus's Right Nip 4 ore fa
40 point triple double good ol 2k
Uri Cue
Uri Cue 4 ore fa
The very hard Challenge -Make sim difficulty and trade difficulty up to a 70 - cant get assets and flip them - Only use trade finder to make trades. - You Cant trade picks - Have the last pick in the first round in the fantasy draft. - Have a 66 over player be the sixth man and must play at least 25 mins and also have him be the first scoring option. - No one in your roster should be 90 overall or higher - No one in your roster should have a 85 or higher shot tendency. - You cant shorten the rotation and the rotation must be 11 man rotation - Run the worst system proficiency that fits your team - You cant change the person’s original position.
Weezy 4 ore fa
Hey Kenny to a milly
Weezy 4 ore fa
You didn’t have to trade lamelo you only had one maybe two seasons left and if you have two left you trade him at the deadline so you still basically have him
Weezy 4 ore fa
And you only had one season left
Alexa Chantal Mulder
Alexa Chantal Mulder 4 ore fa
i would go Kidd Kobe Kawhi KG and Mutombo not a bad way to spend 15$ what you guys think please reply (Kg Won MVP and Mutombo won DPotY Finals MVP Jason Kidd)
justin bonilla
justin bonilla 4 ore fa
Oh nah bro, I let the Harlem shit slide but no way you dont know what a lion looks like llol
ZimmFor3 4 ore fa
Next you should create a starting 5 using this method 👀👀👀
Patrick Helms
Patrick Helms 4 ore fa
Anyone notice that he said the nets gave all there first picks to Huston when it was Boston
ATB JB 4 ore fa
Rip Kobe and Gigi too
C19 FS
C19 FS 5 ore fa
Halo 5 ore fa
I am using NBA 2k from Dreamcast (2K, 2K1) to 2K3 through 2K6 on PS2, to 2K7 through 2K18 for a My Player where I play a season with my created player on each game. I too am starting on the Bulls for 10 seasons, then Cleveland for 3 & then onto the Sixers & maybe a few other one years deals. The player will be like Vince Cater & play till 45 yrs old :) Then I will do careers for his 3 sons :) from college to pros to retirement.
Tyler Rodriguez
Tyler Rodriguez 5 ore fa
Can you do all this on current gen too? Like all customs teams and stuff. Or was this one of the things they actually added.
Vorkuzz 5 ore fa
How dose kenny NOT KNOW the diffrence between a tiger and a lion
doc_adams_process_04 5 ore fa
And k love was a 87
Osama Mari
Osama Mari 5 ore fa
So kenny ain’t gon talk about the 6’11 shooting guard
J Ravens
J Ravens 5 ore fa
God bless Jesus loves and has a plan have a great blessed day good vid!
Miles Paget
Miles Paget 5 ore fa
Thank you for saying to look up Robert Swift's story it was really sad but interesting stuff. 👍
Justin _w7
Justin _w7 6 ore fa
Wow to see how far Kenny has come he now has a collab with champion
Chris B
Chris B 6 ore fa
2 things I learned...Kenny doesn't know where Harlem is and doesn't know what a Tiger looks like 😂
Emilio Rodriguez-Padilla
Emilio Rodriguez-Padilla 6 ore fa
10:08 was the best part of the video
Chubbz Robinson
Chubbz Robinson 6 ore fa
Kenny should do a rebuild using this roster
Andre Borges
Andre Borges 6 ore fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do the Draft challenge You have to Rebuild a team only using the draft You can't sign free agent or trade for players however you can trade for draft picks The draft starts with a Fantasy draft and you must have the 24th pick in the fantasy draft You have 8 years to rebuild it 24 and 8 of course in memory of Kobe Bryant one of the best steals ever in the NBA draft. Can you pass this challenge?? Hope u enjoy it and keep up the good work
Anthony Lysfjord
Anthony Lysfjord 6 ore fa
Kenny: Where do we get our point guard from? DeAndre Jordan? My dumbass while doing homework: Wait DeAndre Jordan is your point guard?
Troy Maziarz
Troy Maziarz 6 ore fa
Do a series of this and do a my career series and put him on a time who you think has a shot to win the finals
Mr_Poop10 7 ore fa
Issaaac bonga😂
grë 7 ore fa
Ryley O
Ryley O 7 ore fa
I love how Toronto is sponsored by AMERICAN Express
Sushi 12321
Sushi 12321 7 ore fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Accept all trades” challenge Rules Fantasy draft Any trade that you receive you must accept You can not offer any trade You must win a championship CPU trade frequency 90
TEZJay 7 ore fa
Dwayne the goat
Tan 7 ore fa
iS tHaT a liON oR a tiGeR
Leo 7 ore fa
9:44 Wait...what?
jbearoff_0223 7 ore fa
Happy 1 year🙏 Kobe and GiGi❤️
Snowman Scout
Snowman Scout 7 ore fa
Lol on the cavs one I was just about to comment WHAT ABOUT MARK PRICE and then you said your prob like what about Mark price
SDW B1ak
SDW B1ak 7 ore fa
Jahni Carpenter
Jahni Carpenter 7 ore fa
1 milli?,😬
Braeden Pantano
Braeden Pantano 7 ore fa
do a rebuilding challenge when you get a random team do a fantasy draft and when you rebuild everyone has to be associated with that city or state
nate 7 ore fa
I am creating a fantasy roster on 2k currently
pog nation
pog nation 8 ore fa
Asking Kenny to do the No Star rebuilding challenge - You must have a 13 man roster which has no former or current all stars on it - None of the players can become a all star in the season - Have fun and win a chip! Good luck! :)
Danny Thibeault
Danny Thibeault 8 ore fa
the Chattanooga Lookouts are a minor league baseball team lol
Melissa Rodriguez-Solomon
Melissa Rodriguez-Solomon 8 ore fa
Ayy yo let's get this man to $1 mill this year
Emmanuel Benson
Emmanuel Benson 8 ore fa
Whats the channel name ?
Candyce Rynee
Candyce Rynee 8 ore fa
Nate Avery looking like Nick Anderson out there
RyanDwyer 100
RyanDwyer 100 8 ore fa
Day 78 of asking Kenny to Do The Same Overall Challenge, it is everyone in Your starting lineup must be the same overall, and everyone on the bench must have the same overall (Separate overalls for the Bench player and the starters if it’s not clear) It should be fun watching u try to trade in this one
Ryan Leininger
Ryan Leininger 8 ore fa
Just found your channel. My son and I are fans now. My best collection right now is 5 Upper Deck Boxes 1989. This was Ken Griffey, Jr. rookie year. This was Upper Deck’s first year of cards. Each box has 36 packs.